2000-word Research Proposal (100% of module mark)

This assessment allows a 10% tolerance of the word count.

There is just one assessment for this module: The Research Proposal. This should be focused on a particular topic that you have researched and developed independently. The format for the proposal must take the following shape and be submitted in a single document.

SECTION 1 Research Question & Aims (500 words):

  • Explain what you are seeking to do in this project. What exact question are you trying to answer and why is the question worth asking? This should be approached much like an introduction you would write to an essay – with the caveat (with a side point) that you are (obviously) formulating a more expansive piece of work.
  • You should indicate how you intend to break the proposed project up into chapters / sections and how these will help you address the question that you have formulated.
  • This section allows you to concisely communicate the aims of your proposed research project and demonstrate that you have a grasp of your topic and where you intend to take it.
  • You should explicitly state your research questions in question format.

SECTION 2 Literature Review (750 words):

  • Review the quality and scope of the sources you have consulted in your research.
  • Critically assess the value of the most central/key sources in achieving the aims of your proposed research. You should discuss, in some degree of depth, a number of relevant academic sources / data sets here and engage with them in a way that it is evident you understand their utility.
  • This section demonstrates that you have an appreciation of the volume, and quality, of material you will need to draw upon to write your project, and that you understand, and have identified, the key contributions to the literature in the area you are researching.

SECTION 3 Methodology (750 words):

  • Explain how you will go about finding the answers to the question that you have set. Why is this method appropriate to the aims and the resources and opportunities available to you?
  • Your project may be based only on published sources, but you still need to explain why you selected them, how you obtained them, and how you will use them.
  • This section will allow you to show your understanding and appreciation of the importance of using a research methodology, appropriate to your subject and within your discipline, and demonstrate how you are going to collect and analyse your data.
  • It is important to include research theory and approach (ontology and epistemology), research design, methods, sampling, analysis and ethics.
  • You must evidence this section with a range of readings appropriate to the module.

SECTION 4 References (exempt from the word count):

  • List all the sources you cited in writing the report and all key sources you are consulting in your research. You must use the UWE Harvard format and any incorrect use of this will have a negative effect on your grade.
  • You must provide references for both the literature review section and the methodology section.

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