For this assignment, you will build a professional-looking PowerPoint (PPT) presentation on some aspect of professional communication that contains at least 17 slides.


The required slides:

I. Title Slide

  1. The title slide is the first required slide of your PPT
  2. The title slide must include the following elements: title of your presentation, your full name, class name & section number, and your institution (Liberty University).

II. Content Slides

  1. Your PPT must contain at least 15 content slides. Content slides do not include the title or reference slide(s).
  2. All content slides must contain speaker notes.
    1. Speaker notes are a presenter’s cheat sheet, if you will. In other words, speaker notes are hidden from your audience but can be viewed while giving a presentation.
    1. Speaker notes are NOT a copy of the information on your slide. Instead, speaker notes expand upon and offer further clarification regarding points on each content slide.
  3. Four relevant and professional-looking images/graphics are required. All images/graphics must:
    1. support the theme of the presentation
    1. illustrate the topic of the slide and/or explain a complex issue

III. Reference Slide

  1. The reference slide will be the last required slide(s) in your PPT.
  2. This slide (or slides) will contain all sources used in your PPT presentation.
  3. Format sources according to the most current APA formatting guidelines.
  4. In addition to current APA formatting guidelines, the inclusion of the complete URL (sometimes called a permalink) is required for all full-text, peer-reviewed/scholarly articles retrieved from Liberty’s online library journal database. Note that this is not the same as the doi # (unless the URL takes your reader directly to the full-text article within Liberty’s online library journal database). If you are unsure about the specific URL/link, you can copy the entire web address from the top of the browser’s address bar once you are viewing the full-text article within Liberty’s online library journal database.

Five credible sources must be used within your presentation. Approved sources include:

  • the course textbook (as listed on the course syllabus).
  • four full-text, peer-reviewed/scholarly articles published within the last seven years and retrieved from Liberty’s online library journal database.

Sources NOT approved for this assignment:

  • textbooks or e-books, other than the course textbook/e-book that is listed on the course syllabus
  • blogs, education sites, commercial sites, Wikipedia, About.com, editorials, abstracts, online books, book reviews, etc.

Avoiding Plagiarism

  • Create and submit an original PPT presentation. Do not submit someone else’s PPT or previously submitted work from this or another course.
  • Provide citations for:
  • all statements, ideas, & thoughts (whether paraphrased or directly quoted) used from an outside source.
  • tables, data, images, etc., used from an outside source.
  • All citations should be formatted according to the most current APA formatting guidelines. Citations can be included directly on the slide or within the notes area under the content slide.
  • All sources used must be listed on your reference slide(s) and formatted according to the most current APA formatting guidelines.

Other Requirements and Reminders:

  • PPT must be created and uploaded as a Microsoft PowerPoint file. DO NOT upload a PDF file, as a PDF file will not show speaker notes.
  • Individual slides and the overall design of your presentation must be professional and engaging.
  • A running header is not required.
  • An abstract is not required.
  • The course textbook will be a great resource when looking for a topic that relates to some aspect of professional communication. Some examples of topics include (but are not limited to):
    • How to be an Effective Verbal and Nonverbal Communicator
    • How to Give an Effective Presentation
    • Effective Communication Within Teams
    • Overcoming Communication Barriers

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