As part of the requirements for the course, you will prepare a research portfolio. The research portfolio should include the following components: research design and literature review, survey instrument, and data analysis.

Survey Design & Instrument

The goal of the survey design and instrument project is to work through the process of develop a survey project including crafting a survey questionnaire. You will begin by identifying a research goals or objectives that you would want to meet if you were to complete the survey project.

If you are currently working in a position, it can be related to your work but it is not required to be so. The expectation is that you are not in position to conduct the survey project, but it might be possible to do so in some limited cases. You will want to proceed in the development of the survey design as though it were going to be put in the field and data collected.

Since you are not going to be collecting and analyzing data for this component of the assignment, you are free from some of the practical constraints of the quantitative research project. You will complete the stages of the survey project up to the point that you would actually complete the data collection and analysis

Below are the basic steps of conducting a survey. As part of the project, you will explicitly complete the first four steps. For steps 5 through 7, you will address the process that you would use for distributing the survey and gathering responses, discussing what time of data that you would be collecting and how it would be analyzed and reported.

Step 1: Identify research goals and objectives.

Step 2: Define the population and sample. Who will participate in the survey?

Step 3: Decide on the type of survey method to use.

Step 4: Design and write questions.

Step 5: Distribute the survey and gather responses.

Step 6: Analyze the collected data.

Step 7: Create a report based on survey results.

The following are required components of the paper.  You must have a title page, an section that outlines the research goals and objectives, a clear definition of the population, sampling frame, and sample, the method used for conducting the survey including how it would be distributed and how the data would be collected and analyzed, and the survey questionnaire/instrument. If you use any sources in the preparation of the survey, you should be sure to cite them appropriately.

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