For this assignment you will complete research in preparation for an assignment in Module 4.  You are to select three articles from scholarly journals.  (The phrase scholarly journals means THAT YOU ARE NOT TO SIMPLY PUT THE TOPIC IN YOUR WEB BROWSER’S SEARCH BAR.) 

To find scholarly journal articles, go to UWA’s online library.  There is information about how to access the library available in the Orientation for MEd in Instructional Leadership course.  When you open the course, select Instructional Leadership Program on the left menu bar.  Scroll down until you see “UWA’s Library” and the next option “Using UWA’s Online Library to find research articles.” The first item is a link to the online library and the second is a recording that will assist you in this process.  We suggest that you watch the short recording first. 

Find at least three articles (one on each topic) on these topics:

  1. School climate
  2. School culture
  3. Impact of school climate or culture on student achievement

After locating your articles, complete an annotated bibliography.  For our purposes, this will include the reference citation in APA format, per the 7th edition of the APA manual.

Your assignment will be titled Research for The Big Picture of School assignment.

Begin with the reference citation of your first article.

Next summarize the article in three – five sentences.  That’s all – three – five sentences!

Continue with the reference citation of your second article, then the summary of it (3 – 5 sentences).

Conclude with the third article in the same format.

Research for The Big Picture of School assignment

                                 Unacceptable           Acceptable                          Target

Three scholarly journal articles identifiedPoints: (0.00%) No articles are from scholarly journals or three articles were not included.Points: (20.00%) All three articles are on topic, but all are not from scholarly journals.Points: (40.00%) All three articles are on topic and are from scholarly journals.
APA format is used correctlyPoints: (8.00%) Four or more errors are apparent.Points: (12.00%) APA format basically followed, but work includes 2 – 3 errors.Points: (20.00%) APA format followed with no more than one error.
Summary providedPoints: (0.00%) Information is difficult to understand as presented.Points: (12.00%) Information shared is adequate, but will not be useful as presented.Points: (20.00%) Presentation of information is clearly stated, and will be useful in further assignments.
Writing MechanicsPoints: (0.00%) More than four errors in spelling or grammar. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors distract from or impair readability. Major editing and/or revision is required.Points: (4.00%) Three or fewer misspellings and/or mechanical errors.Points: (8.00%) The text is written with no errors in grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

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