(Q1) Quantitative: What is the percentage difference of children 4-12 who come from a single-parent home in which the parent works two jobs or over 40 hours a week that is diagnosed with social anxiety compared to children with at least one stay-at-home parent? 2 pages

(Q2) Qualitative: Would the children have more difficulty building and maintaining friendships due to being left at home?  2 pages

Be mindful of the social justice principles of DEIPAR in making decisions about your plans and provide justifications for the methodological choices proposed.

 Address aspects of DEIPAR in at minimum, DEIPAR—Framework & Definitions (diversity, equity, inclusion, intersectionality, power analysis, anti-racist). The sampling plan and data collection sections. Each design plan will be prepared in outline form and should include the following:

● Research question that aligns with the best practice guidelines listed in assessment #1


● Purpose of study: considering what you learned from your literature review, clarify how

this study seeks to expand the knowledge base on the topic or fill a research gap

● Theoretical Framework (if applicable): Make sure to describe the theory and explicitly

describe how the theory will inform the study (i.e. explanatory theory, change theory,


● Research design (qualitative, quantitative, mixed-methods, evaluation [needs

assessment; process or outcome]) and justification for the design. You must also specify

the type within the design selected (i.e., phenomenology, convergent parallel, etc.). The

the reason should align with the purpose.

● Description of the program/agency where the study is taking place and, if applicable,

describe the intervention that is the focus of the study

● Gaining access to the study site and participants as applicable, including site approval plan

and plan for securing IRB approval (how you will obtain permission needed before

inviting potential participants into the study), sample recruitment plan (how you will

get the information on potential participants and how you will contact them about the

study), and what the plan is for human subjects’ protection ( including, but not limited to,

describing informed assent and/or consent procedures). If applicable, identify the ethical

considerations and power dynamics to be mindful of when you are conducting research

at your place of work and how you would handle them (i.e. recruiting your clients,

interviewing with co-workers or clients, etc.).

● Sampling plan, including inclusion/exclusion criteria for participation (why you are

including a certain type of person and excluding other types of persons), sampling

approach (e.g., purposive, random) and proposed sample size for each data collection

strategy (see Burkholder Ch.5 for suggested sample sizes for quantitative studies).

Please include a justification for proposed plans, such as how your plans support

obtaining diverse perspectives or experiences, acknowledging the intersecting identities of

the focused population, etc.

● Data collection procedures, including the identification of key variables being examined

(independent/dependent/confounding variables), strategy(ies) to collect/retrieve data on

each of the key variables (e.g., focus group or survey), how you would go about carrying

out each data collection strategy (i.e. in-person, telephone, online, etc.), and description

of demographic data to collect on your sample. Please include a justification for

proposed plans, including ways that you will address potential barriers to participation to

support an inclusive and equitable plan.

● OPTIONAL: Include proposed data collection scale(s)/survey questions or focus

group/interview guide (NOTE: It is best to explore the use of existing data collection tools

if at all possible; existing tools can be found here

https://simmons.libguides.com/TestsMeasures or are sometimes presented within the

body of empirical articles)

Each research design outline should be 2-4 pages, single-spaced. The outlines should be

submitted in one document and include an APA (7th edition, professional version) formatted

cover page and reference page. No abstract is required for this assignment. Each outline must

consist of 3-5 references.

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