Reflective Observation of Physical Development and Instruction Affecting Cognitive Development,

Name of Observer:

Date and Time of Observation:

Grade Level and/or Subject:           

Objective of Observation: Observe learners and teachers in a prepared environment.

Instructions to the Observer: Upon observing, respond to the following questions/statements. Use these questions/statements to summarize your observations to identify a content theme, building relevance of these observations to your career development and a conclusion that illustrates the benefits of why curriculum is important and the training of the teacher fosters success of the students in the program.

1.         Knowledge

a. Is the environment well organized?

b. Share out the points of the environment that interest you?

c. What did you observe about the curriculum that was different from and/or similar to a past experience?

d. What principles did you observe present from the process of development affecting physical development?

2. Comprehension/Application

a. Briefly describe your anecdotal observations of the physical activity that took pace. How does it relate to physical development and preparation for cognitive learning?

b. Briefly describe your structured observation of strategies that challenge students’ multiple intelligences.

c. Did the environment have the resources/materials that you expected it to have? Describe.

3.         Analyze

a. How has the observation of the physical activity influenced you based on the theories we’ve discussed as they relate to your thinking about how we learn cognitively?

b. How did your observation compare multiculturally as we attempt to celebrate diversity in our learning? Compare/contrast to your own school experiences?

4.         Synthesis

a. What did you learn from these observations related to how physical development relates to all other planes of growth as they evolve into cognitive development?

b. How effective were you in observing the effectiveness of the instruction of the individual(s) related to event you observed?

c. What sources of information about schools, classrooms, and curriculum do you believe this event could be to changing what traditional school looks like?

5.         Evaluation-Summary

a. What did you learn about resources for the instruction and curriculum used in your event that can help you in understanding the theories/practices of teaching young children, youth, and adolescence as they grow through the lifespan? This question may be expanded into your narrative summary.

b. What new knowledge, teaching to the affect, and psychomotor skills applied to your career path will you incorporate based on instructional quality that you saw that you can make better or more effective and with regard to curriculum, the areas that students were interested in and involved themselves? Link these aspects to your community of practice and career goals.

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