In this reflective assignment, you get the chance to demonstrate your ability to employ the relevant theories and concepts, discussed during the course in a real-life case, by making a deep analysis with critical thinking.

You will also reflect on the insights you derived from your analysis and how they will potentially help you in the future.

Size: 1,800-2,100 words (excluding references)


The reflective report structure will be the following:

  • An introduction of the topic.
  • The main body, where you will develop the topic.
  • A conclusion, where you will:
  • Outline what you have learned from the analysis
  • Describe how you plan to apply what you have learned in your future practice.


In February, Meta announced a paid subscription service to allow Facebook and Instagram users to verify their accounts. Using the material from the course and the knowledge acquired during the classes and tutorials, you will critically discuss Meta’s decision and potential consequences (intended and/or unintended).

  • Kinder, T. (2023) “Meta to launch subscription service for Facebook and Instagram” Available at:


  • You must use the material in the Reading List. References from the reading list are mandatory when referring to core concepts (including, but not limited to, “platforms” and “network effects”).
  • Belleflamme, P., & Peitz, M. (2021). The Economics of Platforms. Cambridge University Press. (Chapters: 1, 2, 4)
  • Chen, L., Tong, T. W., Tang, S., & Han, N. (2022). Governance and Design of Digital Platforms: A Review and Future Research Directions on a Meta-Organization. Journal of Management, 48(1), 147–184.
  • Cusumano, M. A., Gawer, A., & Yoffie, D. B. (2019). The business of platforms: Strategy in the age of digital competition, innovation, and power. New York: Harper Business. (Chapters: 1, 5)
  • You can use additional academic resources, and material from the media.

Formal Presentation

  • Text: Sentences and paragraphs are clearly connected. There is a logical connection between different parts of the text.
  • Paragraphs: Justified.
  • Font: Arial
  • Line space: 1.5
  • Include page numbers.
  • Please do not include subheadings. Your text should flow without visual support.
  • References: Harvard Style.

Tools Used:

After the references, you will list all the digital tools used in the assignment (even if it is just Google Search. Please note that you do not need to list the search terms for Google Search.) Tools that must be cited include, but are not limited to:

  • Search engines (e.g., Google)
  • Reference managers (e.g., Mendeley, Zotero)
  • Software for document preparation (e.g., Latex)
  • Tools to correct your grammar (e.g., Grammarly)

Do not use AI tools or ChatGPT

Assessment Criteria

  1. Ability to use relevant theory: The author shows a full command of relevant topics and the ability to identify the pertinent theoretical framework and concepts.
  • Ability to identify and use relevant material critically: Students can identify the relevant sources for the analysis. They can engage critically with the literature, using sources creatively to arrive at independent conclusions. The language is neutral, nuanced, and balanced.
  • Ability to present the message clearly: The language is unambiguous. Any person could follow the development of thought with no distractions. The text presents all the concepts accurately. The connection between different ideas is seamless.
  • Focus: The author chooses one main topic and stays focused, fully developing the topic. Only the material and concepts relevant to the case will be employed.
  • Independence: The text provides evidence that the author can employ the relevant theories and concepts while elaborating on their ideas and developing their arguments.
  • Ability to develop a thoughtful reflection about your learning process: Although listed as the last item, it is a crucial aspect to be considered. Be specific and provide details of how your learning experience can be applied to your future practice.
  • Formal presentation: Your assignment should follow the formal presentation requirements.

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