Listen to the podcasts (Episodes 1-8) in Oprah’s Book Club on Caste by Isabel Wilkerson (also available on Google Podcasts or Spotify).


After listening to the episodes, answer the following questions based on the videos. Please submit original work only, plagiarism will result in a failing grade.

No particular format but roughly 1-4 pages. If you use outside sources, please properly cite.

How does Wilkerson define caste, and how is it related to America’s history of racism? What are the eight (8) pillars of caste and how are they essential to caste?

What is the difference between systemic racism and individually expressed racism?

Wilkerson provides examples of successful black people who are still treated like second class citizens; provide one of these examples and discuss how it expresses caste.

Pick two or more additional stories or examples from Caste that stood out to you, explain what happens in these stories or examples, and talk about why they stood out to you.

Discuss the concept of hierarchical binariesfrom the videos.

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