Read the paper and then: 1) Outline the argument in standard form 2) State if it is inductive or deductive (sound, strong or weak) and 3) Identify 5 specific fallacies. You should label the fallacies and copy and paste the passage.


As we have seen, kneeling during the national anthem is become a frequent problem sports organizations have been dealing with. Let me start this off by saying this is of uttermost disrespect to our country as a whole, as well as to those who gave their life in the revolutionary war to give us our freedom we have today (also Founding Fathers). Before I go in to this a little further to elaborate on the athlete reasoning behind this childish crap, I am not a racist. I never have and never will have a problem with race or skin color in the way I treat others. However, I will say it is mostly the black people who are doing this bullshit and it’s because they are all trying to prove a point. Grow the fuck up and play the damn game you’re here that day to play. A website called Hollywood life aimed to state the supposed real reasoning behind the kneeling of the anthem. It stated, “It plays to acknowledge and protest the social and racial injustice POC face every day, nothing to do with disrespect to our country and flag (Hollywood life).” The fuck do you mean “it doesn’t disrespect the flag or country”? Those soldiers and figures who built our country went through a ton of determination, hell, blood, sweat and tears to get all of us where we are standing today. They got you that freedom to allow you to sit during the anthem and not suffer from it, in the first place. Later on, the website stated the original instigator Kaepernick, was fired and let go from the 49ers because of the incident. Good. Let that asshole go if he wants to sit here and disrespect our country. He also brought the issue of police brutality into this and used that as part of his reasoning’s of kneeling. First off, police brutality clearly has nothing to do with NFL or sports what so ever, so I’m not sure what he was trying to get at there. Second off, scientifically speaking, let’s say he did convince the whole NFL league to boycott the anthem and protest about racial injustice. The NFL isn’t only watched and played by black people, therefore that percentage of the population probably makes a dent in the overall American population (estimating I’d say 10-15%). Now how the hell do you think this percentage is going to overthrow or change the other remaining percent out of police brutality? Do I agree with police brutality, hell no. But I’m not a dumbass thinking disrespecting a mostly white culture’s country will turn out a success. Any utilitarian would easily rule this action out because it clearly does not aim for the greater good. Like I said, in a white dominant culture, kneeling during the anthem is not seen as “goodness” to them. I am not saying I am glad it is a white dominant culture or anything racist, but what I am saying is these guys are a bunch of tards. It probably surprising I am against this because I am an athlete myself, but I do not agree with it at all.

I think the question of “why I think others think its morally appropriate” is pretty self-explanatory. In this aspect of the argument I am very neutral because I am not against any race or color here. But by self-explanatory we both know who would think this act is morally permissible: if you are a minority. Obviously, a minority will act and most likely have the same beliefs as any other minority, so they all probably would agree with this. Why the hell would a white supremacist, anyone who has a clue as to how this country was built, patriotic agree with this? We all know they are against it. Minorities will stick together, and I’m not saying it is a problem, but it is common sense. This whole topic overall really fires me up because it makes me feel like fuck you dude, you didn’t build this, you didn’t make the constitution, just because you play football doesn’t make you entitled to do whatever you want. Play the game of sports, stop bringing race into it because they do not need to be intermixed. I mean for God’s sake, black people pretty much run the NFL now and they are more entitled than any other race in that sport. The fuck are you bitching for? Shit is already getting handed to you as it is in so many corrupt ways it isn’t funny. You got players getting into so much illegal trouble outside of the NFL and the NFL is actually saving their asses. What pisses me off is they are complaining on how they are being treated when they are missing the fact of how poorly they behave in society. This goes for any football player. I personally used to play football but it has been long gone since those times because I gave it up to focus on baseball. I have played sports all my life since I was six, but you don’t see me go acting up and showing entitlement. Football players piss me the hell off because they think they run shit. A lot of athletes around me are always given everything and I hate seeing it. I have always worked my ass off and been humble about everything. I guess some people are just flat out stupid because they just lack common sense. Do I agree with racial issues and police brutality, no. But I would never disrespect my country or its flag because of issues outside of my sport. Honestly, I don’t have much else to say about this topic besides what I argued for. I am not racist dick, let’s make that clear. However, don’t disrespect the country because you’re being a bitch about something that literally has nothing to do with you, at all.

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