Assessment Details

Course:BA Child and Youth Studies, BA Social Sciences, BA Health Studies
Module:Recognising and Challenging Discrimination and Disadvantage
Assessment 2:2,250 word essay
Due date: 
Essay brief: During this module we have considered a number of disadvantaged groups within society.  During this assessment you are required to evaluate the position of disadvantaged young people within today’s society.   Your assessment should have three distinct parts:- A description of the discriminatory practices that exist within society today on young people who belong to one of the protected categories within the Equality Act 2010.  Please note this must differ from the minority group selected for your 1st assessment.                                                                                                         (30%)                                                                                        A consideration of the impact of these discriminatory practices on these young people’s ability to live within today’s society.                                                       (35%)                    An explanation of the benefits of making use of formal measures enforceable within Scotland (legislation, policies and charters) within either an educational, health or social care setting.  This must include benefits for the setting and for the young people.                                                                                                                 (20%)                                                                                       Note: the benefits selected must be different from your previous assessment submission   Additional 15% marks are gained as follows: 5% structure, presentation, grammar etc5% referencing5% overall comments Specific Essay guidance: The specific criteria for this assessment are as follows:                                      This assessment has three distinct parts and you must ensure that you address all of these as outlined above. The protected characteristic in Part 1 must differ from the minority group selected for your 1st assessment.                                                                                                          General Essay guidance: Your essay should follow the normal conventions, e.g. consisting of an introduction, main body, and conclusion. You must include a Reference Section but no Bibliography is required.  All submission must include a completed Submission Sheet with your Student ID and page numbers indicated on each page. Your essay is expected to be 2,250 words in length.  It is acceptable that students will submit an essay within + or – 10% of this word count. Considerably fewer words than 2,250 may indicate that your essay contains insufficient depth.  Considerably more words than 2,250 may indicate a lack of the academic discipline in selecting the appropriate material whilst remaining conciseness in your presentation. In cases where a word limit has been grossly over stepped, in fairness to other students who have adhered to the word limit, tutors will enforce the UHI Regulations regarding word counts for assessment submissions.  Your essay should be submitted using the Assignments Area in Brightspace no later than the due date given. Please contact your PAT as soon as possible should you be experiencing any specific difficulties, e.g. illness, which may impact upon your ability to meet this deadline. For details of the penalties that will apply in the case of late submission of an assessment please refer to the current UHI Regulations.


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