Use textbook, related videos, and pdfs to respond to essay questions.  Responses should be thorough, include definitions, examples, and demonstrate clear understanding of conceptual objectives. Each response should be 3-4 double spaced typewritten pages in length. APA CITATIONS – USE APA WHEN WRITING YOUR ESSAYS, INCLUDE A LIST OF YOUR SOURCES AT THE END OF EACH ESSAY

Textbook – Social Problems by Anna Leon-Guerrero, Sage Publications, latest edition


PDFs – Separate Attachment


Please read Chp. 3 – Race & Ethnicity, related PowerPoint Presentations on Race, Ethnicity, Racism, Immigration and related videos on the Course Homepage, and any other relevant information from the course homepage to address the following questions:

a)      What do you understand race and ethnicity to be?

b)      Human societies, including our own, have used the demographic variables of race and ethnicity (and social class) to discriminate against whole groups of people.  What do you understand prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping to be?   Define and give examples.

c)       What are the causes, consequences, and solutions to the social problem of racism (from a functional, conflict, and interactionism perspective)?

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