Please punctuate the sentences below where needed. Use capital letters if the correct punctuation requires a capital letter.

  1. I have cleaned the entire house but SARAH is still working on writing her article
  2. I have cleaned the entire house but still need to polish the silver.
  3. Tim is going to paint the house and he needs four paint colors blue white yellow and light green
  4. I took Emily my only granddaughter to the park.
  5. Although I know you I cannot take your word however Autumn believes in you.
  6. Autumn completed her assignment and then took a long nap.
  7. Please SARAH come visit me.
  8. Chrissy and I have worked on this project.
  9. Courtney left FairfaxVirginia on December 20 of last year.
  10. Sharon has one goal to retire next year.
  11. If Courtney completes her work she can go to the game.
  12. Courtney can go to the game if she completes her work.
  13. Call me tomorrow you can let me know if you are going to the game.
  14. Chrissy submitted her article on time however she forgot to include the abstract.
  15. SARAH said she loved the book so I gave it to her.
  16. SARAH made the request three weeks ago therefore she expects her materials to arrive by now.
  17. The American flag has three colors red white and blue.
  18. Autumn prefers to read novels or short stories I prefer poems.
  19. Chrissy did not like the movie so she left.
  20. Courtney registered for the class but she wrote the wrong CRN.
  21. Because SARAH arrived late she could not go on the field trip.
  22. SARAH could not go on the field trip because she arrived late.
  23. SARAH asked Courtney how is john doing?
  24. In this module you learned the English punctuation rules.
  25. JohnTimothy and Emily are the names of my grandchildren.
  26. Autumn et al (2022) provided their conclusion The English language is considered a deep language because its writing system is morphophonemic.
  27. Although syllable patterns are often taught Spanish and other Latin languages use an alphabetic orthography that represents the phonemic level of spoken language.
  28. This conclusion was retrieved on February 10 2022 however the previous one was recovered in November 2021.
  29. My two best friends who live in other states are coming to visit this summer.
  30. Students who attend classes are more successful than those who are absent.
  • Explain the rule: “Commas Like to Take out the Trash.” Provide an example and a nonexample.

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