Master of Science in international public health

Public Health Epidemiology, Intelligence and Health Protection

Word count: 1000

General Guidance:

Your assignment should be word processed (handwritten assignments are not accepted), using time new roman size 12 font, double spaced, with numbered pages and your student number printed as a footer on every page.

The word limits stated for this assignment excludes the reference list at the end of the assignment but includes all text in the main body of the assignment (including direct quotations, in-text citations, footnotes, tables, diagrams and graphs).

Please be aware that exceeding the word count limit will affect the academic judgement of the piece of work and may result in the award of a lower mark.

Appendices are not considered a supplement, and thus, will not be assessed as part of the content of the assignment. As such, they will not contribute to the grade awarded, however it may be appropriate to use an Appendices section for any material which is a useful reference for the reader. Please note that appendices are not included in the word count.

The majority of references should come from primary sources (e.g., journal articles, conference papers, reports, etc.) although you can also utilise area specific textbooks. You must ensure that you use the Liverpool John Moores University’s Harvard style of referencing.

Topic : ‘The COVID-19 pandemic in Europe’. Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease has marked 2019-2020 all over the world and has therefore been characterised as a pandemic. In this assessment you are requested to present the COVID-19 epidemic in Europe, including the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA).

Learning outcomes assessed

  1. Critically appraise the core epidemiological concepts and measures.
  2. Critically examine the role of public health surveillance and the limitations of monitoring data.
Content to cover “Your work should include and cover the following sections/aspects and content (as shown and stated in the table below). The specific percentage marks allocated to each section/aspect of your work is stated below.
1. Introduction Short introduction to the COVID-19 pandemic.5 marks
2. Epidemiological measures of COVID-19 in Europe This section should present epidemiological measures of morbidity and mortality in the EU/EEA reported by reputable sources. Explain clearly the epidemiological terms used i.e. incidence or prevalence, morbidity and mortality proportions.20 marks
3. Critical assessment of the epidemiological measures Critically assess the epidemiological measures and explain what these mean regarding the impact of the epidemic in Europe i.e. low or high fatality, very contagious or not, etc.20 marks
4. Surveillance and monitoring in Europe Examine and present how is the monitoring data for COVID-19 collected for Europe i.e. surveillance systems.20 marks
5. Critical appraisal of the surveillance system Critically appraise the quality of the monitoring data and identify any limitations.20 marks
6. Public Health Response to COVID-19 in Europe Briefly present the response policies and interventions applied in Europe to combat the COVID-19 epidemic and discuss any disadvantages.10 marks
Guidance followed; Key sections covered; Appropriateness of the sources. Citing of the sources and referencing.5 marks

As a starting point, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ecdc) source can be used, WHO (World Health Organization) also has a range of relevant data and resources.

Even though potential data sources and places to search for information are provided, you are reminded that you should demonstrate original work and critical thinking and refrain from plagiarism

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