Throughout this semester, you have focused on a particular problem or issue in your career field through your own research. You have created an annotated bibliography and a rhetorical analysis.

Now, you will write an essay discussing the problem and the solution. Ideally, you can use your proposal outline to write this paper. This paper requires all the sections listed on the proposal outline you have already submitted.

As mentioned in the outline instructions, you won’t be discussing ethos, pathos, or logos, but you should be thinking about how you will use them as a writer to persuade your audience. Be sure to provide sufficient evidence to support your claims. Also, consider the language that you use to persuade your audience. You cannot use first person in this paper, so you cannot speak to your own credibility, but you can enhance your credibility by creating good logos and providing other credible sources. Remember that choosing certain words and evidence may alter ethos, accentuate pathos, and bolster logos.

Remember to offer specific steps for achieving the proposed solution. In other words, you will use process writing in the “steps of the solution” section to explain how the solution can or should be achieved. This will require that you use process transition words like “First” and “Next” and “Finally.” Remember that your intended audience has the power to implement your solution or disregard it. The more specific you are with steps AND the feasibility, the better your chances that your audience will accept your proposal.


  • Write 6-8 pages in length (this does not include the title page or the reference page)
  • Use proper APA 7th edition format (student paper version), including a title page
  • Cite at least 7 credible sources; at least 4 should be scholarly and/or professional sources
  • Organize effectively: Order your paragraphs according to the outline instructions and in a way that will be effective. Each paragraph should smoothly transition to the next.
  • Make sure each paragraph focuses on a single topic/main idea. This should be stated in the topic sentence, discussed/proven in the body, and summarized in the concluding sentence.
  • Paraphrases & quotes:
    • APA style prefers paraphrases over quotes. Whenever possible, put source information into your own words, but always cite it!
    • Use ICE when you quote/paraphrase: INTRODUCE the quote/paraphrase, provide an in-text CITATION, EXPLAIN the information’s significance.
    • You should be citing sources throughout the paper and in most paragraphs; however, do not let research material take over your paper.
      • Typically, you shouldn’t need more than 2-3 short quotes/paraphrases per paragraph.
      • The bulk of the ideas and the writing should be yours.
    • Avoid long quotes. Quotes should not be more than 1-2 lines.
    • Quotes/paraphrases should not start or end a paragraph.
  • Write in third person only.
  • Do not use contractions (don’t, can’t, won’t, etc.).
  • Include APA 7th edition in-text citations with each quote, paraphrase, and summary.
  • Provide a correct APA 7th edition References page that is organized in alphabetical order.
  • Edit to remove grammatical errors.
  • Include all required sections/components found on the following page

Sections Required for Proposal

  • APA 7th edition student title page
  • Proposal Essay (6-8 pages) *
    • Section A: The Problem
      • Introduce the problem to readers, prove it exists, argue its importance
      • Include one paragraph to introduce the issue and multiple paragraphs following to explain it from different perspectives.
    • Section B: Past Attempted/Previously Proposed Solutions
      • Discuss what others have tried and/or suggested to fix the problem
      • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of those attempts/suggestions
      • Include multiple paragraphs for this section, organizing to best fit your content.
    • Section C: Proposition & Goals
      • Transition from problem to solution
      • Establish goals for a successful solution
      • Close with proposition statement (thesis)
      • This should be contained in a single paragraph.
    • Section D: Steps in the Solution
      • Use a step-by-step/process approach to explain the steps in your proposed solution
      • Identify who/what will be responsible for each step
      • Include multiple paragraphs, addressing one major step per paragraph.
    • Section E: Feasibility of Solution
      • Explain the money/laws/regulations/other changes needed for the plan in Section D
      • Explain why this is the best solution
      • Include multiple paragraphs, organizing in a way that fits your feasibility content.
    • Section F: Conclusion & Call to Action
      • Sum up points from proposal
      • Explain why solution is needed and what positive results it could yield
      • End with a call to action
      • This should be contained in a single paragraph.
  • APA 7th edition References page(s)

*Please see the proposal outline instructions for more details regarding each section of the essay.

Student Learning Outcomes Addressed in this Assignment:

SLO 1:   Apply principles of research-based academic writing to distinguish relevant from irrelevant

information and draw conclusions supported by facts.

SLO 2:   Formulate research questions that lead to a proposal with feasible work plans and timelines.

SLO 3:   Use credible evidence to support a position.

SLO 4:   Consider and respond to opposing points of view.

SLO 5:   Critically evaluate a variety of sources and apply in appropriate contexts to include both process

and analysis.

SLO 6:   Use discipline-specific documentation styles, including in-text citations and properly formatted

Works Cited and Reference pages.

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