Role: You are the Advertising Agency (not business owner)

Objective: Develop a 90-day themed Promotion Campaign for grand opening or reopening for one of the ideas below. It is a 90-day opening/introduction of events and ads (not a one-day opening) You are competing against other ad agencies to earn your client’s advertising account.  Submit the completed PowerPoint template provided for the campaign.  This will include creative examples and scripts.  

*You may want to print this out and follow along with it as you build your PowerPoint.

Potential CLIENTS – choose one or email me about your own idea and get approval:

  • North Face (currently known as an outdoor clothing company) requests that your ad agency creates an ad campaign introducing their new professional clothing line for men. Professional business suits, clothes etc. for business professionals. They want ads, events etc. that stay with their overall current look & logo and exploring, but want the agency to add more to tie it into day time work to the explorer by night or weekend. I would recommend that you pick Chicago or Milwaukee as a launch area for the ad campaign. You can choose when this ad campaign would launch.
  • Under Armour (athletic line) wants to create a new ad campaign focusing on increasing sales and awareness of their children’s clothing line. More than that, they really want to encourage kids to be active and while projecting Under Armour as the clothing to transform them into active players. They are interested in getting some athlete (s) involved in this campaign. They would like to make sure to do some strong public relations within the campaign too. This will attract athletes to donate their time and reputation. They like their current logo and slogan but want to expand on that for this campaign. Hint: the target market for ads will involve kids, but the think about who has the purchasing power.
  • Nike Hotel: 90 Day Grand Opening for a new NIKE destination hotel in Chicago area. They want 90-day campaign with events, ads, and promotions about the new hotel. They want to keep the traditional Nike logo, but they want to add to it and the slogan for the hotel’s campaign. They hotel has a sport, yet family feel to it (like a Disney or WI Dells type of feel). Really promote grand opening for the concept hotel with events and themes throughout the 90 days.
  • Double Tall: A trendy experience type coffee shop by day and beer making brewery at night. Hosting its 90-day grand opening beginning in the fall months of the current year. It does have food service as well, but the focus is the beverages coupled with unique seating, events, etc. that are held at the business. Client is looking for logo, slogan, themed campaign, and events to take place for the opening months. It is located in the suburbs of a either Milwaukee or Chicago (you have some flexibility here).
  • Propose your own idea to me – must get approval.

Your ad agency has been selected to put together a robust IMC campaign for the client you chose.  Create and include themes for the 90-day campaign that flows well throughout with IMC synergy.

 Here is what you will be applying, creating, and designing: 

A PowerPoint presentation layout is provided for you to build the campaign. It follows this order; you may add additional slides as needed. Add notes to the bottom of the PowerPoint slides as needed or supplements to really tell the story from your ad agency perspective. The slides offer details and so does the information below. It may be helpful to print this document out as a guide:

  1. Background and details about the campaign – executive summary.
  2. Theme(s) and slogan of the campaign: that will flow with synergy throughout all of the promotions you design and staying within the current established brand (IMC). This slogan is always found in the ads – print (newspaper, magazine, billboard) or broadcast (radio/TV) Social too. 
  3. LOGO: A new or tweaked logo for this specific campaign – you can use the current one for your brand if it is solid but, I prefer if you tweak, create to go with theme and/or add a themed slogan. Justify it.
  4. Identify at least two objectives of this specific promotion campaign.  Examples can be found in the text, look for light yellow highlighted box/Figure that says Communication Objectives (Chapter 4 around page 101-106 depending on edition you are using). Choose two that you feel are the best fit for the client’s needs.  Keep the objectives short statements like they appear and list them in bullets under the campaign objective heading.
  5. Identify their target market for the 90 day promotion. Bullet and include these terms/headings: Demographics, psychographics, etc. (Chapter 4) You may identify a Primary Target Market and also a Secondary Target Market followed by psychographics of the target markets.
  6. Traditional Media have been chosen for you, you need to justify the choices by relating advantages.
  7. Design at least two creative ads for billboards and one for TV or Radio (see PowerPoint template-three total ads) Example: Television ad (provide a picture or pictures with what will appear in the ad followed by a description of the ad and what is happening in the ad along with the sounds, scenery, music, logo slogan described etc.), Billboards design how it will look including theme, logo, and pictures (people in ads is always a good idea). Radio; provide the script and background music or noises. Banner ads is also acceptable in place of one ad- provide design. Your creating ad assignment should have helped you be prepared for this. Refer to that assignment along with Chapters 5-7 in your text touch on design appeal. This area should really shine for the class with your ideas. You do not have to be a graphics expert, but you can describe your ad in a P-Point note if needed below the creative ad slides.
  8. Choose one idea for Alternative Marketing for your client. (Chapter 10)
  9. Create some events that will run through the 90-days of the campaign. Themes can change here, but slogan and look continue with IMC. See PowerPoint template for details. Public Relations events can be included here.
  10. Create 2 Sales Promotion ideas for the introduction campaign (Chapter 12), could also be a Reward or Frequency Program here (Chapter 11)– be creative.  Coupons or sales prices are not a good idea for an exclusive offering like this – think outside of the box. This could be events to promote too.
  11. Create social media campaign:  Identify how you will utilize social medias for the client, get the client interacting. (Chapters 9). This is a growing area, so I will be looking for good ideas here. Include: Facebook Instagram, Twitter, YouTube video campaign, etc. as you see fit. Explain each. Provide ideas and what events will be held or what the ads will look like.
  12. Write a Press Release to be sent to local Medias announcing the new offering or the public relations event. This is different than an ad. See PowerPoint template.
  13.  Include a calendar of some type for the 90-day campaign – how it will run and how you will schedule the Medias you have chosen.
  14. In order to experience budgeting, the student will provide an estimate of costs to place the ads that you have chosen.  Often, budgets in advertising are based of anticipated sales during the 90 day campaign.  Use the Internet as guide for this and attach a screen shot paste as an appendix in the end of the promotion plan.  It is understood that the numbers will be realistic and best estimates, they do not have to be exact. Give me some idea that you understand ad costs and budgeting. This does not have to include your sales promotions etc. just ads. Chapter 4 in the text does touch on budgets.
  15. Benefits of the campaign
  16. Control & Evaluation: How will The Client know if the campaign is a success?  What will be measured?
  17. Close the sale, thank you slide
  18. Sources slide

You may reference web sites for ideas, however plagiarism is not allowed.  These should be your creative ideas.

All of the above will be reported on the PowerPoint template provided to you. Add creativity and make it your own.

Here is the grading rubric that I will use:

Final Promotion Plan Project Grading Rubric – this will be used for grading:

Rubric follows PowerPoint orderPoints Earned and Comments
1. Exec Summary slide (background) includes and offers clear direction: Who the client is and what the campaign is for, who you are, and the purpose of the 90-day campaign. Up to 10 points
2.Theme(s) and slogan – includes exciting idea(s) your agency has for this client; IMC should be integrated here. Discuss colors, themes, ideas, moods, actors/athletes in as etc.  Up to 20 points 
3. Logo was created/tweaked and rationale Up to 10 points
4. Identifies target market (s) with demographics, psychographics Up to 10 points
5.Objectives of the campaign (at least two): Up to 10 points
6.Medias choices –justifications/why good fit provided Up to 10 points
7.Ads are designed (at least two) for billboard and one for TV or radio.  There is IMC and creativeness shown. Ads are realistic and creative. Up to 30 points (this may take many slides) This area should really shine for the class with your ideas. You do not have to be a graphics expert, but you can describe your ad in a PPoint note if needed.
8.One Alternative Media Up to 10 points
9. Event and Public Relations Up to 10 points 
10. Two Sales Promotion ideas are presented and explained.  They relate well for the campaign. Up to 10 points 
9.Social media is utilized and explained – good fit:  Up to 10 points
10. Press Release written properly to the medias: Up to 10 points
11.Ninety day time line or calendar is presented: Up to 10 points
13.Budget Up to 10 points
14.Benefits of campaign summarized Up to 10 points
15.Control & evaluation are listed to measure effectiveness  Up to 10 points
16.Overall organization, creativity, student learning of competencies is reflected in the plan. PowerPoint is complete and easy to understand what is being proposed. Up to 10 points
TOTAL Earned /200 

 Note: if an area is not completed, it will earn “0” points in that section.

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