Go through all homebuying steps to familiarize yourself with the process. Please report your findings.

Report to be printed on 12 points fond and double spaced. No more than 5 pages. Prepare a 5 minutes presentation of your findings to be presented in class.

You may work individually or as part of a team.

  1. Decide on the type of property that you’d like to purchase. I.E. Single family home, double family, three family residential or commercial.
  2. Research the following:
    1. Property, area and market.
    1. Average home prices
    1. Demographics of the area (income, professional background etc.)
    1. Proximity to public transportation.
  3. Financials
    1. Research the loan type and borrowing costs, including down payment requirements.
    1. Calculate with the bank and independently the monthly mortgage payment and build the loan amortization schedule.
    1. Work with a bank to obtain a Good Faith Estimate (GFE).
    1. Determine closing costs, including your own attorney’s fees.
    1. Research tax obligations and utilities costs.
    1. Research Insurance Quotes.
    1. Research all closing costs.
  4. (Extra Credit) Research applicable guidelines and applicable penalties for various scenarios (20% down payment vs. 10% or 5% down payment.)

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