Read chapter 3. Given interviews, observations, and notes, students will write a 3-4 page essay that profiles a group or an individual and a place.


Profiles are included in both academic and professional writing and tell about people, places, and activities. In an academic setting, an education instructor may ask you to observe a Kindergarten classroom and interview a student. As a professional journalist, you may be required to profile a local sporting event like T-ball and interview the coach. The goal of an interview that profiles a person and an event is to give readers a unique insight into the people and the place. Profiles contain both a description of the surroundings, characteristics, and reactions of people who are interviewed.


Select a person, place, or activity to profile and write a vivid description of what you choose. Organize and interview and record your descriptions and the interviewee’s responses to your questions. Use quotation to identify direct statements, description to show the setting and their reactions to questions. In this essay, you will focus on gathering information about your subject through interviews, observations, and notes, which needs to be cited at the end of the essay as a personal interview.

  • Write with vivid description, using quotations to signal direct comments.
  • Use active verbs and transitions to engage readers.
  • Select a profile that reflects a culture.
  • Indent to show paragraphing.
  • Organize information in a logical fashion.

Topics to consider:

  • Profile your child’s soccer game and interview a parent
  • Profile a Twin’s game and interview and avid fan.
  • Profile a campground and interview a consistent camper.
  • Profile someone who works in your intended profession, a nurse at a clinic, a mechanic at the garage, a gunsmith at his workshop.

Format Requirements:

  • Write a 3-4 page essay in 12-point font.
  • Cite any outside sources that you use such as interviews.
  • Use APA style to format your essay. APA requires a cover page. See OWL Purdue APA formatting.
  • Double-space your text.
  • Upload your rough draft to the peer review discussion area.
  • Upload your final draft to the Assignment Box labeled “Profile Interview”
  • Label the uploaded Assignment Box file with your fist and last name and profile.
  • Create a title that reflects the content of the essay.
  • Upload your essay as a Word document or you may not recieve detailed comments.

Textbook name The St, Martin’s Guide to writing

Rise B Axelrod. Charles R. Cooper. Ellen C. carillo. Wallace T. Cleaves.

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