Assessment Brief (worth 100% of the module grade)

Assessment title:Portfolio
Individual / group:Individual
Format:E-portfolio created in Pebblepad
Word count /LengthWord count = 4000 words equivalent (some elements of the portfolio are not written, so students should follow the guidance below and on the Pebblepad template)  

The portfolio will demonstrate that students have met the learning outcome of this module:

  1. Identify key skills, knowledge and behaviours required for future career
  2. Undertake self-assessment, gap analysis, objective setting and action planning
  3. Demonstrate reflective practice during a period of work-based learning
  4. Demonstrate application of prior learning in the business and management field in a professional context
  5. Demonstrate the development of key skills, knowledge and behaviours, required for future career, in a professional context

A Pebblepad workbook has been set up as the template for your submission – this template must be used. Below the required contents are listed, along with suggested maximum word count and recommended period for completion (in blue text), where relevant.

  1. Welcome page with overview of: who you are; career ambitions; work experience to date; and the work-based learning that you will undertake this semester (ie. your placement or enterprise residency for Learning though the Workplace or your Client-led project) max.300 words
  2. Reflection on your preparedness for work prior to the professional experience, which must reference pertinent results of a variety of self-analysis tools and relevant professional capabilities and SHU Graduate attributes, max.500 words
  3. Action plan* completed prior to the work-based learning
  4. Reflection on a challenge you have overcome during your work-based learning, utilising at least one named model of reflection max. 500 words
  5. Poster/ video / slides that you presented at the Festival of Work-based Learning** – this must outline how you applied prior learning in a professional context and what the results were by submission date
  6. Script or recording (audio or video) of your responses to three questions which might realistically be asked in an interview for your desired graduate job role, each of which should demonstrate use of the STAR/CAR technique max. 1500 words or 10 minutes, by submission date
  7. Action plan* updated at the end of work-based learning by submission date
  8. Concluding reflective piece on the value of your work-based learning experience, including skills you have developed, and progress made in preparing for desired career max. 1200 words, by submission date
  9. List of references used in the portfolio
  10. Any additional items you wish to append to demonstrate meeting the learning outcomes of the module

* for the action plan you must use the template, provided to you on Blackboard in the form of an Excel document

** please refer to separate guidance about the format and content of the poster / video / slides and organisation of the festival

Students should refer to the ‘marking guidance’ document, provided on Blackboard. This document contains the marking criteria for this assessment. It also contains guidance for the marker of this submission, to which you should refer to better understand how quality of key items will be judged, this will be used by your marker to ascertain the grade.

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