[Note to the writer: This is a continuation of C9 W2 Assignment and C9 W3 Assignments, where you will have to find 5 NEW articles. Please watch the video first and carefully read his instructions as he is strict with it. Make sure you use peer-reviewed, scholarly journals written within the last five years for this assignment with each article in its own table but all in the same word document.]

Preparing for the Assignment

Prior to starting this assignment, please watch the following video, “Finding a Research Problem.”

The Assignment

You will find five new research articles related to your proposed research interest and identify each article’s problem statement. Keep in mind that not all problem statements in published research articles contain all the parts indicated in the video. For each research article, you will; (1) Provide a quotation of the article’s problem statement with proper in-text citation, including page number(s). Then, you will explain in your own words: (2) What the problem, concern, or issue that is being addressed in the article; (3) What the type of evidence the researcher(s) are presenting to demonstrate that there is a problem; (4) What the deficiencies are in the evidence about the problem, justifying the need for the study; and (5) Who the primary beneficiaries of the study are and why. The articles you find should be empirical research studies from peer-reviewed, scholarly journals written within the last five years.

Complete the attached template and follow the enclosed instructions. Copy and paste the table for each of your articles (do not combine into a single table). [Note to writer: Make sure you have 5 tables for the 5 articles but in the same word document.]

Include all the following:

  • Title page 
  • Full citation of the research article (using proper APA style).
  • A permalink to the digital article for instructor cross-referencing. Please make sure to hit “return” after pasting the permalink into the form to activate the hyperlink. If you don’t do that, your instructor must copy and paste the address into the web browser instead of just clicking the link.
  • Quotation of the article’s problem statement (with proper in-text citation, including page number(s))
  • The problem, concern, or issue (in your own words)
  • Evidence of the problem (shown through the article’s review of the literature) (in your own words)
  • Deficiencies of evidence, justifying the need for the study (This might also be known as the “hole in the literature,” as the author should have shown through the literature what is known and what is not yet known. This is not a critique of the presented literature or of the author’s study.) (in your own words)

*The only direct quote that should be in your paper is the problem statement area. Everything else should be written using your own words. 

Most of the items above can be answered in a couple sentences or a short paragraph. There is no reason for an article summary to be longer than one page, but it can certainly be shorter. Aim for precision and brevity in your descriptions, but don’t leave out the important details.


Required Textbooks

  • Locke, L., Silverman, S, & Spirduso, W. (2010). Reading and understanding research (3rd ed.). Sage. ISBN 9781412975742


Required Reading

  • o search for and read research articles related to your research interest.

Recommended Reading

  • Hull, E. (2017). Conducting research in your own backyard Teaching and Learning in Nursing12(4), 232-233.
  • Brock, T. R. (2009). The backyard human performance technologist: Applying the development research methodology to develop and validate a new instructional design framework. Performance Improvement Quarterly22(3), 37-48.

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