Description of Assignment:

Use this workbook to:

  • Reflect honestly about what you know of yourself and your strengths and weaknesses
  • Capture feedback that you will seek individuals drawn from different contexts
  • Develop a path forward to grow as a future leader.

There is no specific requirement for the length of entries, although it is suggested that it may be difficult to answer an individual question in sufficient depth in less than 200 words (but no more than 350 words).

> Session 1     Introduction to Growth Mindset- Reflections

Today we had a chance to discuss the importance of growth mindset in your career. Discuss how you will cultivate growth mindset over the next 12 months. Focus on 3-5 practices which you know will work for you.

> Session 2- Effective Communication – Reflections

In class, we debriefed how to manage conflicts & be an effective communicator. Based on the case example (CASE STUDY SESSION 2 DOCUMENT) and discussions, what takeaways do you have for your own effectiveness as a communicator? Please be specific.

> Session 3 – Nourishing Diversity to Build Inclusive Organizations

In this session, we looked at recent cases of firms where high-potential and high-performing leaders inflict massive reputational damage to their firm’s efforts in inculcating an inclusive workplace. Consider the recent case of Deloitte  Links to an external site.and KPMG.Links to an external site.

If you were appointed to advise the board of a mid-large sized firm (where global teams are core to its value proposition) which has a chequered track record for its DEIB efforts and is determined to strengthen its DEIB efforts and weave it into its organization’s DNA under new ownership, what would be your recommendations in response to potential challenges? 

> Session 4 – Leading Global Teams- Reflections

In this class, we went through the case of Tariq Khan leading a fractured global team (CASE STUDT SESSION 4). Discuss what are the key challenges global teams face and what are some of the deliberate practices you would recommend to boost team effectiveness?

> Session 5 – Motivating Breakthrough Performance- Reflections

In this session, we examined how leaders can motivate breakthrough performance. Discuss the challenges you would face if you were placed as a team leader post your MIB with a mandate to transform the technology development team which has consistently received average performance ratings into a high-performance team. Note your organization operates in software as a service (Saas) space out of London, serves global clients, and is aiming to transform itself after going through two rounds of organization restructuring.

> Session 6 – Leading with Resilience- Reflections

In this session, we examined what is resilience and discussed the case of Howard Schultz.

Highlight 3-5 takeaways or actionable practices from the case.

> Session 7 – Leading with Moral Compass- Reflections

In this session, you participated in a simulation- Judgement in a Crisis,

Highlight 3-5 takeaways from the simulation

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