Part A:

Question 1 – Total marks available for Q1: 70 marks

(Word limit for Q1: 1600 words)

Imagine that you work in a health-policy consultancy firm. You have been hired by the government of a small country that is completely new to evaluating its policies. You must provide advice on a plan to distribute fresh fruit and vegetable vouchers to families with children, to redeem in local grocery shops each week. The government is open to small scale pilots before universally launching the scheme. They are looking for a budget-neutral policy over time.

Write a briefing to be submitted to the government that:

describes in general terms the purpose of doing evaluations and the types of evaluation the council might want to consider

articulates a plausible ultimate goal of the policy and suggests a theory of change for how a fruit-and-veg voucher might achieve that goal

suggests a design for an impact or economic evaluation, including the type of data that would need to be gathered and any distributional and ethical issues you have considered.

Question 2 – Total marks available for Q2: 20 marks

(Word limit for Q2: 300-word blog and 280-character micro-blog)

Imagine you work for a public relations agency representing a drinks manufacturer that is opposed to a sugar tax on the drinks industry. You have been provided with data in the Excel file called ‘EMA Sugar tax stores’ which contains data about the price and tax status of some different beverages (soda, fruit drinks, milk and water) in the US city of Berkeley and adjacent locations. Using evidence from the Excel file and the module materials – and other sources if you wish – create a draft of two social media posts aimed at the general public. Your drafts should be:

a blog (word limit: 300 words)


a micro-blog (such as a Tweet)

(Character limit: 280 characters – not 280 words!)

Both your social media posts should argue that sugar taxes are bad for the economy and have only a low impact on public health.

Reference List: –

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