This is a major paper in which you are expected to conduct research on one of the topics below. Of course, this is a 300-level course so you have considerable freedom on what you want to write about.

The paper is pretty standard and is something you should be used to

  • 12-point font
  • Times New Roman
  • Page numbers
  • 2,000 words; Bibliography/footnotes don’t count
  • For Mac users: please submit it as a .doc and not a .pages

As I said above, this is a 300-level course. You should all be familiar with the required academic conditions of a paper. That being said, there is no expected number of academic citations. I would imagine, however, that you would have at least five (5) different academic articles cited. I imagine most of you will surpass this five. Many trees have been killed in studying Québec and Canadian politics—finding academic resources is not hard, I expect you to engage with them! If you understand French, even better, you might want to consider looking at the existing French language research—but there is no expectation that you do. Books/book chapters are fine as well, so long they’re from a respected press (e.g., McGill-Queen’s, UBC, UofT, Oxford, Cambridge, Routledge, etc.). If you are unsure about the source, email Ritwik.

You are required to cite throughout the essay. Any citation style is fine as long as it is done consistently and correctly—but please avoid endnotes. Again, to re-iterate: I do not care what citation style you use as long as it’s clear. Avoid endnotes.

Obviously, sources like the CBC, Globe & Mail, the National Post, or the Star are not academic but they can add crucial context to your argument. Feel free to use these to clarify events that might not be mentioned in an academic article. Refrain from using opinion pieces, however.

As always, grammar, syntax, and style are important. Although this is not an English course, it is crucial that you present your argument in a smooth, compelling, and well-written manner. This means that your assignment should be free of typographical errors and spelling mistakes.


  • General questions
    • How has Québec nationalism influenced Canadian politics?

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