American Poet:  Maya Angelou


  1. Present biographical/historical background about the poet (minimum 10 “Did You Know” factoids in bulleted format. This background should include the literary period/movement in which the poet’s body of work was completed. NOTE: A slide presentation on the history of American literary movements has been attached to this assignment.
  2. Provide two pictures of the poet that reveal something noteworthy about her.
  3. Read at least 5 to 10 poems written by your selected poet and provide a brief overview of your

appreciation/reaction to his/her work

  • Of the poems you read, select your favorite the poem that is at least three stanzas or 10 lines in length. As part of the explication process, define and share key vocabulary words within the context of your selected poem.
  • As part of the explication process, provide annotated textual examples of poetic devices or figures of speech found in the selected poem.
  • As part of the explication process, provide a line-by-line, stanza-by-stanza synopsis of the poem.
  • Provide a one-paragraph analysis of the poem’s theme using CER.
  • Provide an illustration/picture thematically connected to your poem/analysis.
  • Provide a MLA Works Cited list for the sources used in your presentation.

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