Writer please see attached Project Charter (this was turned in a few weeks back), Continuing with the Project Charter that was submitted in week 3, Students will set up the baseline for scope, schedule, and cost for the selected project.Writer after reading through the attached Project Charter please just do the Costs section (Highlighted in Red). APA, 2 pages, Times New Roman

Required sections for the Project Baseline and Management Plan include:

Scope Baseline. Scope Statement to include the following (from PMBOK):

  • Project and/or product scope description. Progressively elaborates the characteristics of the project, product, service, or result described in the project charter and requirements documentation.
  • Project and/or product acceptance criteria. Defines the process and criteria for accepting completed project, products, services, or results.
  • Project deliverable(s). Deliverable(s) include both the outputs that comprise the product or service of the project, as well as ancillary results, such as project management reports and documentation. The deliverable(s) may be described at a summary level or in great detail.
  • Project exclusions. Generally identifies what is excluded as from the project. Explicitly stating what is out of scope for the project helps to manage stakeholders’ expectations.
  • Project constraints. Lists and describes the specific project constraints associated with the project scope that limits the team’s options, for example, a predefined budget or any imposed dates or schedule milestones that are issued by the customer or performing organization. When a project is performed under contract, contractual provisions will generally be constraints. Information on constraints may be listed in the project scope statement or in a separate log.
  • Project assumptions. Lists and describes the specific project assumptions associated with the project scope and the potential impact of those assumptions if they prove to be false. Project teams frequently identify, document, and validate assumptions as part of their planning process.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS):

  • WBS Dictionary – a more detailed definition of each work package and can include but is not required to include all of the following:
    • Description of work,
    • List of schedule milestones,
    • Associated schedule activities
    • Acceptance criteria


  • Define the resources necessary to complete the project.  This can include a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM or RACI).

Costs and Budget – estimate the costs for the project and include the following:

  • The estimate methodology utilized
  • Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) – includes the Labor, Material, Equipment and Other Direct Costs for each deliverable in the WBS.

Risk Management – Create a risk plan which identifies the following:

  • Identify and describe at least 6 potential risks to the project.
  • Qualitative impact rating matrix
  • Qualitative probability rating matrix
  • Risk log for monitoring and controlling purposes

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