Your research proposal will include a thesis statement, roadmap, 5-7 sources you have consulted (scholar articles only), and a compelling argument. It must also contain 1-3 pages explaining all questions (best to use in-text citation in the form of quotes taken from sources avoid paraphrasing) 

1.What problem are you solving? Thesis Paragraph” OR “Thesis Statement and Roadmap” (or some version of this)

Plastic pollution: is recycling the solution or just a band-aid?

2.How does your specific research question help to solve that problem? 

3.What is/are the claim(s) you will make in your research? 

4.Who is your audience? 

5.Why should this topic interest others? 

6.Does your research question have a potential practical application in the field of sustainability?

7.How is your research question related to one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals? 

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