Ms. R. is a 35-year-old female patient who presents to the clinic with a chief complaint of “burning when I pee”. Upon taking a history you uncover that she is experiencing burning and pain during urination, urgency, and frequency. Her past medical history includes three pregnancies, Caesarian section, right ACL repair and a Motor vehicle accident that resulted in a pelvic fracture 5 years ago. She is currently sexually active. She is also allergic to all Sulfa containing medications. She has not tried anything for her symptoms and reports that she has never experienced this feeling before. As the advanced practice nurse, you order a urinalysis and it comes back positive for leukocyte esterase and nitrite. Urine culture shows more than 105CFU/mL of a single organism.

Analyze the common pathogens that can cause uncomplicated community-acquired urinary tract infections (UTIs) in women. What are the goals of antimicrobial therapy for this patient?
What are the indications for the use of antimicrobial therapy in the treatment of UTIs?
Discuss the first-line antimicrobial drugs for UTIs and discuss which medication would be best for this patient specifically. Also, describe the mechanism of action and the main adverse effects of the medication you would prescribe.
If the patient is suspected of pregnancy, what would be the treatment of choice for antimicrobial therapy of UTIs?
Find two evidence based clinical practice guidelines to support your work & describe them.

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