Question 1 (Paragraph 1)

Describe how you are thinking about the relationship between theory, research, and practice. Here, I am thinking of practice in the sense of being a leader or someone leading organizational change. How are these three concepts or endeavours linked?

Question 2 (Paragraph 2)

Consider an organizational change example in education of your choosing. How does the structural frame inform what you think a leader should do, in your selected example, to successfully manage the change process.

Question 3 (Paragraph 3)

Please describe a real-world example of how the human resources frame can be used to describe or analyze an organizational situation, change, or series of events, and how that frame can inform a plan of action.

Question 4 (Paragraph 4)

Recall The Prince and the Principal reading. Using the political frames, to what extent do you think Betty Tyler’s actions were effective and why?

Question 5 (Paragraph 5)

In your context, how can organizational culture and other elements of the symbolic frames be used to support positive organizational change?

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