For this assignment, you will write an autobiography about your PERSONALITY (2 pages – this may not exceed three pages). Describe your personality. Essentially, answer the question, “Who Am I and how did I get to be like this?” Describe your major personality traits, your typical style and manner of interacting with people and stressful situations, the main features or “quirks” that make you unique, and the ways that others who know you well would describe you. How do you think you became the person you are today? What psychological, social, genetic, physical, or situational factors do you believe have most influenced your personality development? Be aware that your descriptions and analyses may change over the semester as you read more about theories and research on personality and do more introspection. However, your perceptions at this point are just as important as those you might have at the end of this course. While you most likely will not change your personality this semester, you may have a different understanding of who you are as an individual.

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