Reflect on your personal and professional experience using the lessons in Self-Reflection: Performance Behaviors of Transformational Leaders, and the Strengths-to-Strategy Plan results. Address the following:

  1. Describe and give examples of your two strongest leadership competencies and two most significant leadership gaps, weakness, or developmental opportunities. (1 paragraph)
  2. Describe and explain how your leadership strengths differ from management skills or behaviors. (1 paragraph)
  3. Describe how you will integrate emotional intelligence into your leadership identity and how this may impact the characteristics of your followers. (1 paragraph)

Strengths-to-Strategy Plan

Note: copy this content to a Word document to submit with your Week 2 assignment.

Leadership Strengths

As a leader I would consider my most important strengths are empowering people, demonstrating personal ethics, and building relationship with people around.

Leadership Opportunities

AS a leader sometimes I lack the courage to experiment with new strategies, create behavioral vision and imagine creative innovations.

Turning Opportunities into Strengths

In order to strengthen the leadership gaps i will focus on using my emotional intelligence, be intentional about experimenting new strategies, and seek adequate coaching.

Leveraging Others’ Strengths

The strategies I will use to leverage other’s leadership strength would be to recognize and respect their strength and use interpersonal goals to coach them.

Use the writing CARE plan to organize the content of each paragraph purposefully

  1. Central Idea

Topic sentence, main idea, the one exact and precise point you are making in this paragraph.

  1. Authority

Evidence authorization that supports main idea, reference and citation, expertise of others, and example as evidence.

  1. Relevance

Breakdown the main idea and evidence, analysis, synthesis and comparison of contrast.

  1. Exit

Statement linking to the main idea and reflection of the importance of paragraphs, serves as summary/ conclusion

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