Scenario: You receive an order for a trauma patient. Due to hospital policy, the patient has been entered into the system as John Doe. The physician has ordered a trauma series for the cervical spine, as well as the left humerus and wrist. The patient is strapped to a backboard with a cervical collar in place; they also have a splint on the left humerus and left wrist. The patient’s vitals are currently stable and they are alert.
Write a 2-3 page paper in APA format, using proper spelling/grammar and address the following:
Explain the patient care steps.

Identify and explain the trauma imaging adaptions you will use.
Develop a sample dialogue/script that you would have with the patient to explain the radiographic examination.

Research: You will need to do research in order to provide a sufficient explanation of the patient care, imaging, and communication process. View the Trauma Radiography presentation (below) to assist with reviewing your role as a technologist.

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