1. Patient is an 18 year old female who was referred to PESS and BIB EMS after family called JCPD stating she was noncompliant with medication and aggressive towards family. Family reports the patient has been showing symptoms of paranoia for 1 month. The patient was reported to be shoving towels in the vents in their home stating that they are trying to get her. Patient was agitated and aggressive towards the PESS staff. Patient was aaox4 breathing normally gcs of 15. Patients’ vitals were 17RR, 98% Spo2, 89P, 111/82BP. Patient has a history of schizophrenia, asthma, and GERD. Patient has no known allergies and admitted to using marijuana on a daily basis.
  • Patient is a 52 year old female who was sent from their group home for poor appetite. Patient was found lying outside of a group home. Patient was aaox2 and agitated towards all the PESS staff. Patient was breathing normally, gcs of 14 and confused. Patients’ vitals were 15RR, 98% Spo2, 72P, 142/86BP. Patients’ drug history or medications is unknown. The patient has a history of unspecified schizoaffective disorder. Whether the patient has allergies or not is unknown.
  • Patient is a 42 year old female who self-referred for a complaint of auditory hallucinations. Reports that she is “overheating” things all around her. The patient did admit to psychiatric history. Unknown is compliant with medications. Patient was extremely guarded with all information regarding psychiatric issues and past treatment. Patient was hostile towards the psychiatrist during assessment and the overall mood was poor. Patient was aaox4 breathing normally gcs of 15. Patients’ vitals were 16RR, 96% Spo2, 81P, 133/81BP. Patient allergies are unknown.
  • Patient is a 43 year old male who signed himself out of a group home and is currently homeless. Patients came to the ED requesting a refill of cialis and pysch meds, as well as referral for housing. Patient then reported suicidal ideations. Patient has a previous history of schizoaffective disorder, Bipolar, and mental disability. Patient was aaox4, breathing normally, gcs of 15. Patient was very agitated and impatient with the PESS staff. Patients’ vitals were 18RR, 98% Spo2, 73P, 139/88BP. Patients’ allergies are unknown.
  • Patient is a 57 year old homeless, transgender male, with an unknown past psychiatric history. Patient self-referred to the ED requesting a razor to shave and endorsing suicidal ideations. Patient reports a history of substance abuse. Patient stated they use alcohol and cocaine nearly everyday. Patient then denied the previous report of suicidal ideations. Patient was aaox4, breathing normally, gcs of 15. Patient was aggressive with PESS staff and became violent at times. Patients’ vitals were 17RR, 98% Spo2, 102P, 117/85BP. Patients allergies are unknown.

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