Write a 2 paragraph pathophysiology description in Layman’s terms and using own words or in-text citation (APA, 7th Edition) of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus based on this patients background and medical diagnoses. Please see example attached of what the pathophysiology description should look like. Reference must be APA 7th edition and must be peer reviewed journal or a pathophysiology textbook.

In Addition, for each of the 22 lab results (even if it has normal values) make a chart and write a one sentence of what is the rationale for it being abnormal for this patient and one sentence what is the relevant nursing care for this lab.

Patient Background:

L.J., 57 years old, comes to your primary care clinic because of recent changes in her condition. She reports experiencing nocturia, polyuria, and occasional blurred vision for the past two months. She notes occasional “burning” sensation in her feet bilaterally. She denies any episodes of hypoglycemic symptoms. A recent glucose test on her friend’s meter showed 275 mg/dL (15.26 mmol/L random glucose).

Admitting medical diagnosis(s):

(adult onset) type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension (controlled), hyperlipidemia

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