After completing this week’s readings and watching the following video, read the brief scenario and then answer the following questions.

It is time for your bi-annual review and you sit down outside the conference room.  You inadvertently hear the end of the conversation between your co-worker, John, and the review panel.  John is getting the promotion you wanted, the promotion you feel you deserve.  John rushes by you with a quick ‘hello’ as he exits the conference room. 

  1. Describe the steps in the Path to Action method. Apply each step to this scenario based upon how you feel after hearing the end of the conversation you inadvertently overheard.  Hint: Figure 5.4 shows an example.
  2. Describe the process of an integrative negotiation approach. How would you use this approach in your bi-annual review?
  3. From the assigned scripture reading:
    1. What did the people see and hear?
    1. What story are they telling themselves?
    1. How does this story make them feel?
    1. How are acting?
    1. How can they change the story they are telling themselves?

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