• Describe the location and complex dimensions of the temporal bone of the skull. Why is the temporal bone significant to the auditory mechanism?
  • What are the important structures of the peripheral auditory system? Which structures are in the conductive part of the mechanism, and which are in the sensorineural part of the mechanism?
  • Be able to identify, in a coronal slice of the auditory mechanism, an unlabeled drawing of the conductive part of the auditory system.
  • What is meant by the term “impedance mismatch”?
  • How many muscles are located in the middle ear, and what is their function?
  • Explain how the impedance mismatch between the tympanic membrane and the conductive mechanism is solved by the anatomy of the conductive mechanism.
  • Identify the structures and functions of the sensorineural part of the peripheral auditory system.
  • Which ducts in the cochlea are separated by Reissner’s membrane? Which ducts are separated by the basilar membrane?
  • What is the organ of Corti, and where is located?
  • Explain the term “tonotopic organization” and identify which parts of the peripheral auditory mechanism are so organized.
  • What is a traveling wave in the cochlea? How does the traveling wave differ depending on the frequency of the acoustic input to the auditory system?
  • What is the anatomical difference between inner hair cells and outer hair cells?

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