Directions: This is Part I of this semesters Ph.D. level project. You will be responsible for choosing a problem or topic related to educational organizations that you wish to understand and dissect. Be mindful that the topic or problem you wish to understand will be used for the remainder of the semester. Choose wisely.

The items below will help begin your project:

  • Overview of Social/Educational Problem – This is where you get to talk about the problem, topic, or issue related to educational organizations that you want to solve/understand and why. (You must choose a topic or problem for me, please make it a good one, therefore I can extend on it throughout the semester.)
  • Current Trends – Tell the reader what people/organizations are currently doing to address/solve the problem, topic, or issue you identified in the previous section.
  • Barriers and Obstacles – Tell the reader why nobody else has solved this problem yet and suggest what the main barriers and obstacles are to solving it, too. Be realistic.

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