To prepare for Part 5:

Review the resources in the Learning Activities and consider how healthcare equity and access impact your perceptions of the disparities.

To complete Part 5 of your PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes

Provide a summary to include these required components:

Briefly describe the story of a patient, actual or hypothetical, in your clinical area that illustrates the difficulty with healthcare equity and/or access in your chosen specialty area.

  1. The office I did my clinical practicum does not accept medical insurance, only private pay.  Many patients that do not have an income, will not be able to come to this office due to financial resources.

Note: If describing an actual patient, do not include identifiable information in order to maintain confidentiality.

Explain what you perceive to be factors (e.g., poverty; substance abuse) that contribute to the disparity in healthcare equity in your patient example.

Explain at least one strategy as a potential solution to your patient example of the disparity in healthcare equity.

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