Part 1: Medical Research Ethics 

Reflect on the following: 

  • How did the Lacks family, the media, and the general population view the medical community during the 1950s? What is the Nuremberg Code? How was it used, and was it easily enforced? Why or why not? 
  • How have ethics and laws around medical research with human subjects changed? How is the medical community viewed today, and what do you think would have happened in Henrietta Lacks’ case if she lived today? Support your response by citing 2 to 3 reputable sources. 

Part 2: Patient Protection 

Reflect on the following: 

  • Do laws and regulations protect patients or do health professionals protect patients? 
  • Thinking about laws and regulations, how would the events that led to the discovery and experimentation with HeLa cells have been different if they occurred today? 
  • Research and identify a contemporary case in which laws and regulations failed to protect patients from violations of privacy, compliance, or ethics. 

Learning resources :

Read pages 18 to 34 of Managing Legal Compliance in the Health Care Industry.

Read pages 35 to 53 of Managing Legal Compliance in the Health Care Industry.

  the story of Henrietta Lacks is powerful; understanding it has many benefits for those working in health care. 

Read Part 2 of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

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