Assignment: In 500 words or more, please react to the current week’s readings. (I have attached the current module’s readings to this order). Please be mindful of the example citations.

Here are some suggested prompts:

  • What are the arguments the authors are making?
  • What evidence is used to support those arguments?
  • As you synthesize these arguments, what are the key points of agreement and disagreement across the pieces and videos?

All written work is expected to be submitted in APA style following the 7th APA manual.

Please use APA format and support all assertions with citations.

Example of citations:

Do not do this: Gottlieb (2018) and Smith (2021) say cats are nice to play with outside.

PERFECT: Cats are nice to play with outside (Gottlieb, 2018; Smith, 2021).


Message to writer: This is a reflection paper of the week, so please create a position and support. This is a Doctoral level essay, so please be mindful of your quality of writing and the grading rubric.

****Cite every evidence and resource.

Grading Rubric

CriteriaDeveloping (50%)Proficient (80%)Mastery (100%)
ArgumentSome argument is attempted, but there is little to no evidence or justification.   OR   No argument is made.The argument is somewhat solid or well-reasoned.The argument is logical, well-reasoned, and clearly conveyed.
Use of evidenceEvidence is used, but it does not support the argument and/or is not from reliable sources.   OR   No evidence is provided.Some evidence is presented, but it is not always well used in service of the argument.Evidence from reliable sources is used to support your argument in a compelling way.   *HINT: try to address counterarguments to a particular piece of evidence  
Writing/APA StyleWriting is grammatically or mechanically incorrect, prose is difficult to follow, and academic style and language are not used.   APA style is not used, or APA style is attempted but there are numerous mistakes.Writing is mostly grammatically and mechanically correct, but the prose and logic are difficult to follow at times. Academic language and style are not yet at a doctoral level.   APA style is used with one or two small mistakes.Writing is at the doctoral level, with only a few minor grammatical or mechanical mistakes.   APA style is correctly used.

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