The purpose of this assignment is to identify a practice problem based on an organizational needs assessment, including the identification of the practice gap and formulation of the practice question. This assignment will allow for the assimilation of professional leadership competencies in project management as a DNP-prepared nurse. Assignment content supports professional formation, communication, and dissemination skills relevant to the DNP-prepared nurse.

Complete the Organizational Needs Assessment: Practice Gap Identification Table on a healthcare organization of your choice. This will be submitted as Table 1.

Topic: Children with behavioral issues are not evaluated properly in outpatient clinic settings.

Include the following in your paper:

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduce the topic and establish the importance of an organizational needs assessment.
    1. Present a clear purpose statement.
    1. Create an organizing (outline) statement for the paper that matches the required level 1 headings (except for listing the conclusion).
  2. Problem: Using the information that you gathered on the Organizational Needs Assessment: Practice Gap Identification (Table 1), describe the practice problem by explaining these elements:
    1. Describe a specific location (hospital unit, community health clinic, surgical suite, primary care practice).
    1. Identify the key stakeholders (decision-makers).
    1. Explain the practice problem as would be identified by the stakeholders.
  3. Practice Gap
    1. In 1-2 organized paragraphs, summarize your findings in table 1, the Organizational Needs Assessment: Practice Gap Identification. Ensure the table is placed after the reference list starting on its own page with the heading Table 1.
  4. Practice Question: Define and briefly explain the project’s intended population, evidence-based intervention, and measurable outcomes (PICOT):
    1. Population: Describe the specific characteristics of the population that is the focus of the intervention.
    1. Intervention: Citing evidence listed in the Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool (Table 2) which was initiated in NR-716, describe the evidence-based intervention. There should be a total of three (3) references listed in Table 2 for this assignment. If necessary, add one research study or systematic review to support your intervention unless one already exists on the table from your previous courses.
    1. Comparison: State “compared to current practice” for the purposes of this assignment.
    1. Outcome. Create and explain specific outcome measurements based on the current evidence you have collected in the Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool (attached as Table 2). If needed, add one research study or systematic review that supports your proposed outcome measurements. The source can be the same one that was used to support the intervention as long as it speaks to measurable outcomes. There should be a total of three (3) references listed in Table 2 for this assignment.
    1. Time: Time frame for the project implementation. (Practicum projects are typically 8 – 10 weeks long). 
    1. State the Practice Question. Example: (P) For the critical care team in X hospital’s ICU, (I) does the implementation of the medical sepsis protocol (C) compared to the current practice (O) reduce the incidence of medical sepsis diagnoses in ICU patients as measured before and after the intervention (T) over a 10-week period?
  5. Conclusion
    1. Recap the paper’s purpose statement and organizing (outlining) statement of the three level 1 headings (not including the conclusion).
    1. Draw major conclusions from the body of your paper.
    1. Summarize the importance of effective communication for the DNP-prepared nurse in performing the practice gap and problem identification.
  6. References
    1. Create the reference page.
    1. Ensure each reference has a matching citation.
    1. Include a minimum of three (3) scholarly references (all three references on the Johns Hopkins Table should be included).
  7. Tables
    1. Add the completed Table 1 & Table 2 after the reference list. For directions on how to copy a table in Microsoft Word go to the following link:
      1. Table 2, the Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool, is attached (after Table 1) & completely filled out with at least three (3) quantitative research studies at a minimum. (NOTE: a minimum of three [3] references should be included on the reference list, including those in Table 2).

APA Guidelines

Use the current Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Manual) and the Chamberlain Guidelines for Writing Professional Papers: Graduate Programs (located in the Canvas Resources menu under the Writing Center) to complete this assignment. Follow these guidelines when completing each component. Contact your course faculty if you have questions.

  1. Use the standard APA Paper Template (located in the Canvas Resources: Writing Center) to format this assignment.
  2. Turn on Grammarly to check the correctness of the grammar and punctuation as you write. (Note: if you have not already done so, please download the free version at Grammarly.com before constructing the assignment.)
  3. Use the title, “Organizational Needs Assessment,” for your project and construct a title page using the APA paper template.
  4. Use the following prescribed Level 1 headings for this paper (do not include the outline letters):
    1. Problem
    1. Practice Gap
    1. Practice Question
    1. Conclusion

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