This guidance if for both Task 1 and Task 2

Executive Summary

  1. Introduction

Importance of quality processes (TQM / SERVQUAL) and CRM effort to the company

(Of your choice) and potential bottom-line benefits of excellent customer experience. Outline of what the report covers in the following sections, the ‘road map’.

  • Company Context

Brief description of chosen company, a statement of the company’s CRM problem in developing good CRM, with evidence (this good be online reviews), and expected benefits to the company of addressing the problem. Here, you will identify internal and external factors leading to CRM problem

  • Models Review

Critical review of two or more CRM models (IDIC, Paynes, QCI or CRM Value chain analysis, refer to week 8 on Moodle), covering relevance of the models, strengths and weaknesses of the chosen model and evidence of successful applications (literature review).

  • Model Selection and Application

Analyse and justify a CRM model (previously discussed in Q3) to apply to your company’s CRM problem. Why is the selected model relevant for your company?

Show its relevance and potential benefits and challenges to address the CRM problem in maintaining customer relationship 24/7/364 in your chosen company.

You should Cover each of the model’s step with relevant evidence (such as customer feedback, employee evaluation, sales report etc).

Evaluate the benefits and challenges of the application.  

Refer to AI efficiencies (Week 7 on Moodle). You should also discuss at least 2 marketing theories such as 7P’s, communication mix and so on (Refer to week 2 – Marketing theories on Moodle)

  • Recommendations

Recommendations based and derived from the application that can be practically applied to resolve the company’s CRM.

  • Conclusion

Summary of the report and key benefits.

Note: Model is a generic term to include theories, frameworks, principles, techniques and tools of marketing, relationship marketing, and CRM.

Glossary of Terms

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

ServQual – Service Quality

TQM – Total Quality Management

IDIC – Identify- Differentiate -Interact – Customise

QCI – Quality Competitive Index

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