As the Director of Recruitment, you have been given the task to create a recruitment strategy for your firm. This firm can be an organization of your choosing or a fictitious firm that has been created by you. The senior leadership team has asked that you create a report that will be sent to all departments across the organization. In this report outline the following:

  1. A brief overview of the mission of the organization. You will discuss the goals, and/or objectives of the organization. You will align this with your recruitment objectives and strategy. You will only need half a page devoted to this section.
  2. Discuss your process of conducting a job analysis and developing job descriptions that are legally defensible.
  3. Create an employer brand for the organization. Include:
  4. A compelling and positive image of the organization (such as ethics, social responsibility, reputation, conduct, etc.) Discuss why the angle you have chosen is most appropriate for the organization.
  5. Provide a message that is clear and consistent about the experience of working at the organization (e.g. work/life balance, commitment to diversity and inclusion, team work, innovation, etc.).
  6. Reinforce the public’s image of the organization.
  7. Encourage potential candidates to apply for jobs at the organization.
  8. Discuss your selection and assessment process. For example: 1. Phone screen, 2. Personality test, 3. Interviews: 2 individual and 3 panel interviews, etc.
  9. Finally, summarize your report with why you think this would be the best strategy for your firm.

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