The purpose of the research article is to highlight the optimal ways to setup and utilize ICT related assistive technologies within the classroom to create an inclusive environment and curriculum (as applicable). The article must describe the best ways to integrate ICT related assistive technologies within the classroom to deliver effective education for students with different types of disabilities. Ideally, the article must feature a potential best practicing inclusive classroom integrated with various assistive technologies to accommodate students with different types of disabilities (e.g. Visual Impairment, Hearing Impairment, Physical Disabilities, Learning Difficulties).

* The article must focus on content related to research and innovations in the field of ICT Accessibility and assistive technology

* The article must be of academic quality providing all necessary credible references to support relevant statements

* The article must fulfill the main criteria of academic writing, including: the title, the introduction, the topic related problem and its challenges, the objectives and importance of the topic matter, the body, sub-headings, conclusion and recommendations, sources and references. Refer to attached document “Article Template”.

* All supporting figures, images, tables, etc. (as applicable) must be included in the article

Suggested Article Outline and Structure

  • The importance of the use of AT in classroom and educational sector (Intro)
  • Provide an overview of challenges faced by students with disabilities when classrooms have a non-inclusive setup (Body)
  • Provide examples of ICT related AT to be used to support students with various disabilities (e.g. visual and hearing impairment, physical disability, learning difficulties) in the classroom (Body)
  • Describe best ways to effectively integrate different types of ICT related AT within the classroom to provide an inclusive environment (Body)
  • Explain the improved impact of learning and educational performance by using the mentioned AT for students of disabilities (Body)
  • Conclusion and Recommendations

* The outline and structure mentioned above is a suggestion only and may be enhanced to better reflect the article objectives.

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