Question 1

Chapter 11: Research and read about the enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and answer the following questions in your own words (about 550 words). You should provide at least two references other than the textbook.

Question 2

Chapter 12: Read and watch the video case “Supply Chain Design in Crayola” on page 520 of the textbook. Does Crayola have efficient or responsive supply chains, or both? Explain your position considering the factors presented in Table 12.1 on page 507 (about 300 words).

Question 3

Chapter 13: Select a service or a manufacturing organization (about 350 words).

  1. Discuss the most important three factors that you would consider in locating a new facility for the organization you selected.
  2. For each of the three factors you selected, discuss what data you would want to collect to evaluate different location options.

Question 4

Chapter 14: Research and discuss some of the important risks and challenges specific to global supply chain management (about 450 words). You should provide at least two references other than the textbook.

Question 5

Chapter 15: Find an academic journal article about supply chain sustainability and ethics. Discuss the major issues addressed in the article and/or the important findings and results (about 450 words).

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