Observations and taking accurate and descriptive field notes are a hallmark of much qualitative research. For this activity, please use the “Sample Observational Protocol” on page 171 of our textbook (figure 7.7.). In order to complete this activity, you may select any public place (in or out of doors to unobtrusively observe and record your observations for 30 min-1 hour. You will first complete the “descriptive notes column” while actively observing. Once you have left the site, but soon after, complete the reflective component. Please note that this activity is meant to simple hone your skills at observation, description, and reflection as a qualitative researcher. PLEASE observe all COVID safety protocols while engaging in this activity.


So the paragraph above is my professor explanation of the assignment but I’ll try here to explain it more to you to better understand what to do for this order.

# First you will have to review the attached document Chapter 14 Conducting a Good Observation and make sure to understand Figure 14.1 A General Model for an Observational Protocol

# Second you will see in this document Sample Observational Protocol (Figure 14.2)

# Third you will open a word document and create a table that have 2 colums descriptive notes and reflective notes … basically like the sample protocol

# Then you will identify the time and the place and length of observation

# Then you will go to any public place for example: Starbucks .. park .. whatever or you can make it up its fine as long as you are able to fill the table with enough information.

# You will fill the table with something similar to the sample protocol .. and when I say that I don’t want you to do something in classroom like the sample but I mean you follow the same format meaning that you include like what the have question and then the observation and the reflection part …you don’t need to have something similar to the drawing of the classroom organization.

# As I said you could be talking about nay public place ,, or anything but make sure to follow the instruction and to include whatever you have to include following the guidelines I gave you and Figure 14.1

# The minimum time to observe is 30 minutes so please make sure you do more than that like 40 minutes

# I wasn’t sure how many pages you need since it will be all in a table but I paid for 2 pages and if it will take more pleases add and I will pay for extra page

That’s should be all please let me know if you have any question and thank you very much for taking care of my order.

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