Associate Degree Nursing Program

Exam III- Fall 2020

NAME______________________________________   DATE__________________________

DIRECTIONS: After reading each item in its entirety, perform accurate dosage calculations. For problems that may result in decimal form, record at the tenths place, unless instructed otherwise. Follow any specific instructions that may be given. DO NOT ROUND. Be certain to document the amount/quantity of the supply to be given.

1.     Order:     Nembutal 100 mg orally qn prn

        Have:      Nembutal 50 mg/gel caps

        Give:      __100MG DIVED BY 50MG TIMES PER CAP = _2 CAPS______________________ 

2.    Order:      Scopolamine 0.08 mg subcutaneously x 1 dose now

       Have:      Scopolamine 80 mcg/ml

       Give:       _0.08mg is equivalent to 80 mcg, therefore we divide 80 by 80 x 1 dose = 1ml________________________

3.      Order:    Ascorbic Acid 250 mg twice daily by mouth

         Have:     Ascorbic Acid 100 mg/scored tablet

         Give:      _divide 250mg by 100mg times per tablet = 2.5 tablets__________________________

4.       Order:    Digoxin EL 0.75 mg po TID    

          Have:     Digoxin EL 0.25 mg/5ml

          Give:  ____divide 0.75mg by 0.25 mg times 5 ml = 15ml________________________

5.        Order:  Kaochlor  45 mEq po q12h

           Have:   Kaochlor  15 mEq/caplets 

           Give:      __45 divided  by 15 times times per caplets = 3 caplets_______________________

6.    A client with hypertension has been prescribed clonidine 400 mcg po bid. Pharmacy provides clonidine 0.2 mg/tablets. After careful calculations are completed, how much should the nurse administer for the first dose?_____________ How much of the supply will be given in a 24hr period?_____________________ = for first dose, total dose required 400mcg, tablet content =0.2 mg= 200mcg , no. of tablets for 400mcg = 400/200 = 2 tablets.

for 24 hr supply , total dose required = 400 mcg + 400mcg = 800mcg, tablets content = 0.2 mg = 200 mcg , no of tablets required = 800/200 =4 tablets, so the answer is 2 tablets , 4 tablets.

7.  A client with uncontrolled seizures has been prescribed Dilantin suspension 0.25 gram po BID. Dilantin suspension 50 mg/2ml arrives in a light resistant bottle. How much should be poured from the bottle to obtain a single dose?___=50mg is in 2ml so, for so 250 mg (250 x 2 /50= 10ml , for 24 hr =10 x2 = 20ml_______________  How much of the supply will be given in a 24hr period? ___________________________ answer is 7.5ml , 20ml 

8     Diphenhydramine 50mg/2ml is sent to the unit to fulfill an order for Diphenhydramine

35mg IM q4h prn. Upon request from the client, the nurse should withdraw____________ for injection. = we divide 35mg by 50mg times 2ml =1.4 ml

9.       Have: Librium 100mg/5ml

          Order:  Librium 25mg IM NOW

    Give: _______________________(record at the hundredths place)= we divide 25mg by 100mg times 5ml = 1.25 ml

10.   Order:     Heparin 1500 units subcutaneously three times daily

        Have:       Heparin 2500 units/0.5ml

        Give:  _we divide 1500 units by 2500 units times 0.5ml = 0.3 ml___________________________________

11.   The physician has ordered magnesium sulfate 400mg IVPB STAT. The label reads magnesium sulfate 1% solution. How much magnesium sulfate should injected into a mini-bag for administration? _= we change 1% to be 10% , then we divide 400mg by 10% times 1 = 40ml_________________________________________

12.  An order reads: Lidocaine 25 mg subcutaneously for one dose only prior to a lumbar puncture. Available: Lidocaine 2.5% solution.  How much should be given?= change 2.5mg to be 25% then we divide 25mg by 25% times 1= 1ml


13. Pharmacy provides Antabuse 0.2:10 solution to fulfill an order which reads: Antabuse 150 mg IVP q6h prn. How much should the nurse administer with each requested dose? = 200gm is in 10ml , so for 150mg =(150×10) / 200 =7.5ml___________________________________

14.  Megastrol 25mg po is to be given. The vial is labeled Megastrol 1%. The nurse should pour ________________________________ to be administered.= first we going to change 1% into 10, then we divide 25mg by 10 times 1 = 2.5 ml

15.  Depo-Provera 1 gram is ordered for IM administration. Pharmacy provides Depo-Provera 2:10 solution. The nurse will administer ______________________ to             the client.

16.  A medication label reads aldosterone 50 mg/scored tablets.  The doctor has ordered 75 mg three times a day.  How much will the nurse administer for the first dose? =_______we__divide 75mg by 50mg times per tablet = 1.5 tablets__________________________________

17. A licensed care provider has prescribed tagamet 400 milligrams orally. The medication label reads tagamet liquid 200 milligrams per 5 ml. How much should be administered? = we divide 400ml by 200ml times 5ml =10ml_______________________________________________

18. Gantrisin 0.75g by mouth is ordered. On hand is gantrisin 250 mg capsules.  How much should be given? _= 0.75 g is equivalent of 750mg, therefore we divide 750mg by 250mg times per capsules = 3 capsules __________________________________

19. A physician’s assistant orders 125 mg of liquid cough syrup.  The bottle of cough syrup is labeled 100 mg in 5 ml.  How much should the client receive? _______________________(record at the hundredths place)= we divide 125mg by 100mg times 5ml = 6.25ml

20. A client needs to receive 60 mEq of potassium chloride by mouth. On hand is 20 mEq/capsule. How much does the client receive? __= we divide 60 by 20 times per caps = 3 capsules_______________

21.  Wellcovorin 1mg subcutaneously has been ordered. The medication comes in powder form. The directions for reconstitution are: Add 5mL of diluent for a final concentration of 10mg/1mL. After reconstituting, how much should be withdrawn for administration?  = 1mg divide by 10mg times 1ml = 0.1ml________________________________________________________

22.  Nafcillin 500mg IV piggyback has been ordered. The medication arrives in                   powdered form. When reconstituted with 3.5ml of diluent to the vial, 250 mg/ml is yielded. How much should be withdrawn to add to a mini-bag? = 500mg divide by 250mg times per ml= 2 ml                                 _________________________________________

23.  A nurse receives an order to administer solu-cortef 150 mg intravenously. A powder form is available with instructions to add 1.8mL of sterile water to yield a solution of 250mg/ml. How much should be administered by the nurse? ___150mg divide by 250mg times per ml =0.6 ml________________________

24.  Order: claforan 665 mg via minibag. Available: A vial of claforan powder with the directions to reconstitute with 10mL of bacteriostatic water to yield a concentration of 95mg/ml. The nurse should withdraw _divide 665mg by 95mg times per ml = 7 ml______________ to be added to the mini-bag for administration

25. Order: penicillin 900,000 units IVPB. Available: A vial of penicillin powder. Directions: Add 1.6 mL of sterile water to give a concentration of 300,000 units/2ml. The nurse must withdraw___divide 900,000 by 300,000 times 2ml = 6ml______________________ for administration.

26. Order: streptomycin 0.25 grams. Available: streptomycin powder which reads reconstitute with 9mL of sterile water for a concentration of 400mg/2mL. Give: _________0.25g is equivalent to 250mg , therefore, we divide 250 by 400mg times 2ml = 1.25ml________________________________ (record at the hundredths place)

27. Available: A vial of tazicef powder with the directions to add 10 ml of sterile water which     

will yield 200mg/ml. The nurse must withdraw_____________________________________ to satisfy  an order for tazicef 0.6grams.= 0.6grams is equivalent to 600mg, therefore we divide 600mg by 200mg times per ml = 3ml

28. A healthcare provider orders Maxipime 0.75g IV. A vial of maxipime powder is available. Directions: Add 2.6mL of sterile water to yield 200mg/2mL. How much should the nurse administer? __0.75g is equivalent to 750mg, therefore we divide 750mg by 200mg times 2ml = 7.5 ml______________________________________

29. Order:  Dexamethasone 3mg intravenously once daily

      Supply:    Dexamethasone 4mg/ml

      Administer: _we divide 3mg by 4mg times per ml = 0.75ml___________________________  (record at the hundredths place)

30.  Have:  Lorazepam 2mg/scored tablets

       Order: Lorazepam 1mg po q4h prn

         Administer: __we divide 1mg by 2mg times per tablet = 0.5 tablet__________________

31. Supply: Digoxin 500mcg/scored tablets

      Order: Digoxin 0.125 mg po once daily

     Administer:__convert 0.125 mg to mcg, therefore 1250mcg divide by 500mcg times per tablets = 2.5 tablets_________________________

32. Order: Ibuprofen 0.6 g po q8h prn

      Available: Ibuprofen 300mg EC caplets

      Administer: ______0.6 g in equivalent 600mg, therefore we divide 600 by 300 time per caplets = 2 ec caplets____________________

33. Order: Isuprel 0.01g IVP q8h for apical heart rate < 50

      Have: Isuprel 1:175

      Administer: _____________________ (record at the hundredths place)

34. Have: Calcium gluconate 10 %

      Order: Calcium gluconate 0.3g IV x1 dose STAT

      Administer: __0.3 g is equivalent 30, therefore we divide 30 by 10 times per dose =3 ml________________________

35. Supply: Phenytoin suspension 75 mg/7.5ml

      Order: Phenytoin suspension 150 mg po TID

      How much will be administered in a single dose?____________________

      How much of the supply will be administered within 24 hrs?_________________

Answer Key

  1. 2 gel caps
  2. 1 ml
  3. 2 ½ or 2.5 or 2 and one-half scored tablets
  4. 15 ml
  5. 3 caplets
  6. 2 tablets, 4 tablets
  7. 10 ml 20 ml
  8. 1.4 ml
  9. 1.25 ml
  10. 0.3 ml
  11.  40 ml
  12. 1 ml
  13. 7.5 ml
  14. 2.5 ml
  15. 2.5 ml
  16. 1.5 or 1 ½  or 1 and one-half scored tablets
  17. 10 ml
  18. 3 capsules
  19. 6.25 ml
  20. 3 capsules
  21. 0.1 ml
  22. 2 ml
  23. 0.6 ml
  24. 7 ml
  25. 6 ml
  26. 1.25 ml
  27. 3 ml
  28. 7.5 ml
  29. 0.75 ml
  30. ½ or 0.5 or one-half scored tablet
  31. 2 ½ or 2.5 or 2 and one-half scored tablets
  32. 2 EC caplets or  2 enteric coated caplets
  33. 1.75 ml
  34. 3 ml
  35.  15 ml, 45 ml

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