Take care of only this one section of the assignment that follows. Also, write a short introduction for the entire assignment as well. Basically, this is a team assignment but you are only handling the intro and 1st section.

1.Analyze Nissan’s business continuity plan (BCP) to recover its supply chain operations. Provide your overall assessment of Nissan’s BCP.

Here is the full assignment for which the introduction is to be written, aside from the one section above. Case to be used, along with Tomlin and Wang portion mentioned, are attached; textbook for the course is attached too, if needed:

Nissan: Recovering Supply Chain Operations – HBR Case Number: W16331

In March 2011, the Japanese automobile industry was stricken by a triple disaster: an earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis. Automakers made their respective recovery efforts to resume production and delivery of vehicles. However, it took months before they could reach pre-disaster levels of operations. Nissan, however, exhibited an exemplary case of resilient practices and supply chain disruption management. This case discusses the events and the measures taken by Nissan to recover from disaster.

In your case report, you should discuss Nissan’s resilient practices and supply chain disruption management and its pitfalls in existing practices. You should critically analyze company’s strategies and suggest the future course of action.

Here are a couple of guideline questions that you should discuss and address in your paper:

  1. Analyze Nissan’s business continuity plan (BCP) to recover its supply chain operations. Provide your overall assessment of Nissan’s BCP.
  2. Consider the five operational strategies discussed by Tomlin and Wang (2011) for managing supply chain disruption risk. Evaluate Nissan on each of these. 
  3. What other resilience strategies did Nissan use? Discuss both mitigation strategies that are implemented in anticipation of any possible disruption and contingency strategies that are implemented at the time of crisis to prevent further damage or to restore operations.
  4. In your opinion, had Nissan developed the perfect recovery strategy or is there still room for improvement for future crisis? Make recommendations, if any, for improvement.

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