1. What did they receive at the third barracks?

 2. What was Birkenau?

3. When an SS officer entered Elie’s barracks, announcing they were in a concentration camp, what choice did he give the prisoners?

4. Why was Elie grateful for the mud?

5. What camp were the men marched to?

6. Describe the floor of the third barracks.

7. Why was Elie ashamed of his own behavior?

8. Why did Elie conclude that Auschwitz might be better than Birkenau?

 9. What age and occupation did Elie give the SS officer?

10. Infer why the relative Stein from Antwerp always brought along some of his rationed food when he came to visit Elie and his father.

11. What metaphor did the author use to describe their cattle car, nailed shut by the German officers? Name Date

12. Where did the train finally stop?

13. Once Elie and his fellow prisoners arrived at their assigned barracks, what orders did they receive?

14. What happened toward 5:00 in the morning, after their first night in the barracks?

15. What instructions were stated to the Jews by the German soldier who entered their cattle car?

16. When did Elie and his fellow Jews realize they were leaving their homeland, Hungary?

17. What number was Elie engraved with at Auschwitz?

18. What hopeful report was shared among the group by way of two men who fetched water?

19. What was the camp’s motto?

 20. What happened at the second barracks?

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