1. Definition of Concepts
  1. Explain in what ways early New Orleans’ racial consciousness and practices were distinct in the context of early United States society (“early” means the colonial and early American periods).
  • Give reasons for the development of New Orleans’ reputation as a site of sexual transgression (“Sin City”).
  • Quote Identification

(Identify author and work the following quotes are taken from, then say something about the significance of the quote to the work as a whole)

  1. “Yes, petite,” he said, “we will go away somewhere where we are not known, and we will start life again, but whether we decide to be white or black, we will stick to it…”
  • Among the nymphs, mermaids, satyrs and fauns of the Carnival land of make-believe, she was radiantly happy, and even had her husband allow her to purchase costumes and disguises, including gilded horses’ heads of papier-maché and winged slippers…
  • And for some reason, she was always afraid. But afraid of what? Certainly not whites. Not blacks. And yet something was always bothering her. Something that made her anxious. It was a feeling like a weak stomach. But she carried it around with her all the time, as if it were already a part of herself. Like no one could give her the definite truth, the right thing to do, yet they were asking her for it. What’s good for the future? What’s bad for it?
  • It was a small sombre room within, with a bare yellow-washed floor and ragged curtains at the little window. In a corner was a diminutive altar draped with threadbare lace. The red glow of the taper lighted a cheap print of St. Joseph and a brazen crucifix. The human element in the room was furnished by a little, wizened yellow woman, who, black-robed, turbaned, and stern, sat before an uncertain table whereon were greasy cards… “An’ fo’w’y you come here? Assiez-la, ma’amzelle.”
  • Both of you git this straight. No goddam faggot messes with me, never! For less’n a hundred dollars!
  • What was the difference between him and the hosts of other suitors…? They had money; so did he. They had education, polite training, culture, social position; so had he. But they had family traditions, and he had none.
  • I tell you you don’t know the things a teacher goes through with these kids. They come to class improperly dressed, from homes where they don’t get any home training, which is why they are so ill-mannered. We try to teach them about America—about the opportunities America has to offer…These kids just won’t listen and don’t want to learn, and that’s all there is to it.
  • But (he) had ideas of his own on the subject…he insisted on keeping on at a school, and what was a still worse innovation, he selected a school far uptown, an American “institution for the higher education of Negro youth…”

“I won’t,” she declared vehemently, “You shall not go. My son wid what dey call Negre! Non, non!”

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