Netflix Assignment 1 – What Has Changed? (40 points) *

  1. Review the case “Netflix’s 2020 Strategy for Battling Rivals in the Global Market for Streamed Video Subscribers” [Can be found at the BSG Corporate Lobby/Textbook & Cases/Assigned Cases/Netflix in 2020].
  2. Review the Netflix Letter to Shareholders Q4 2021 – January 20, 2022. [Can be found at].
  3. Review the transcript (or watch the view) of Netflix Q4 2021 Earnings Interview [Can be found at].
  4. Write short paper addressing the two following questions – about 300 words, plus any diagrams, graphs, charts and APA style references for all sources used.
  5. What are for you the most three most interesting strategic changes at Netflix?
  6. Which of these three changes would be interested in following to complete Assignment #2?

Some potential ideas to start your thinking.

  • What is the status of one of the major competitors in this industry? How have they changed?
  • What strategic actions are they taking? (Text Figure 1.1)
  • What forces are driving change in this this industry? (Text Figure 3.2)
  • How strong are the competitive forces in the streaming video industry? (Text Figure 3.3)
  • How would you characterize the current strategy of Netflix based on at least one of the frameworks from Chapters 5, 6 or 7? Identify the framework.
  • What does a SWOT analysis of Netflix reveal about the overall attractiveness of its situation?
  • What is your appraisal of Netflix’s current operating and financial performance?
  • What has been the impact of COVID-19 on the company’s strategy?
  • Another topic from your study of business strategy.

Netflix Assignment 2 – What Do You Recommend? (40 points) *

For the topic you have chosen in Assignment 1, write a short paper – about 600 words, plus any diagrams, graphs, charts and APA style references for all sources used – addressing the two following questions.

  1. As of mid-April 2022, what is the status of this topic (To be current you need to look at current company materials and current media reports. The Netflix 2020 case may provide some ideas about what sources to explore.)
  2. What recommendations would you make to the CEO of Netflix to address this issue?

* For due dates check the Course Schedule

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