To complete this Assessment:

  • Review the “Planning Guide of Settings” documents that outline specific details settings and then choose one setting from the options:
  • Based on the setting that you choose, select an existing agency, institution, healthcare center, or other, to focus specifically on a needs assessment to determine an education program for patients/families/caregivers; entry-level nursing learners; staff nurses; or another audience in your chosen setting. Refer to page 1 of your Setting Document for guidance and to review requirements for selecting an existing agency, institution, center, school, clinic, and so on.
  • Once you select your setting, you must receive Instructor approval. Write a brief 2- to 3-sentence paragraph in which you:
    • Describe the setting that you chose for this Competency Assessment.
    • Describe the existing agency, institution, healthcare center, or other setting that will be the focus of the curriculum that you design, including the name; community and state; and your reason for this selection-

Submit to your Instructor for approval. Once you receive approval, continue with the following:

  • Review the Planning Guide for the setting that you chose to assist research and preparation for your Needs Assessment.
  • Begin your research to determine the need for the educational program that you will design for your chosen setting.
  • Gather data and other information to ensure that a nursing, patient, or student education program aligns with the authentic needs of your specific setting.  

Needs Assessment

Based on your research and the data that you gather through your Planning Guide, in 3–4 pages, include the following:

  • Brief description of your chosen setting and existing agency; institution; healthcare center; or other setting; including distinguishing characteristics of the community where it is located. 
  • Brief description of the needs assessment you conducted, including 
    • Key external factors identified by the needs assessment; 
    • Key internal factors identified by the needs assessment. 
  • Analysis of how the key external and internal factors impact the focus setting (e.g., agency, institution, healthcare center, or other); its current education programs (e.g., nursing, patient, student, or other), if applicable; and education needs.
  • Summary statement explaining: 
    • Type of health education program that you would propose (e.g., patient education; entry-level nursing course; staff nursing professional development; other).
    • Target population for this program (e.g., age-specific groups; location-specific groups);
    • 2–3 program-level outcomes for the curriculum that you would design for this setting.
  • Explanation of specific external and internal factors that could positively or negatively influence your proposed program.
  • Based on your overall needs assessment, explain your rationale for the curriculum that you are proposing.

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